Understanding Islam – Part 21 (Any Excuse to Kill a Non-Believer)

What is the problem with Muslims?  Obviously they cannot take a joke.  Prohibitions against images of Muhammad are difficult to find in the Quran.  But any image today raises untold anger by Muslims, somewhat of a joke by itself, and the follow-up, a call to kill, kill, kill.  This is worse than saying hate, hate, hate.  Encouraged by the book of the faith, the Quran (Koran), Islamists are encouraged to hate, and to act on such hate by killing.  Encouragement to kill the infidels, encouragement to kill any Muslim that convert to another religion, to kill anyone in a Muslim controlled area (and at times not even controlled) that evangelised for another religion, and now to kill cartoonists that draw pictures of persons with beards and turbans that may have a name, so common too (among Muslims) of Muhammad. Is not every person with the name Muhammad not a possible image of Muhammad, and thus wrongly portraying this vile, hate monger, that calls for all to love Allah – or die.   
Countries, governments, especially where Muslims have not taken over must review the policies towards books that encourage a religion of hate.  Would Germany allow the rise again of the elements, the religion as it could be described, of Mein Kampf?  France, Great Britain, other countries, even the United States, are taking a tolerant view of Islam.  The religion itself is the problem, not necessarily the people, the Muslims, those moderate in their view.  Still it is a problem, because at the base of the faith is a total intolerance, a hatred, for anything not Muslim.  Even the moderates are condemned within their own religion for not being Muslim enough.  May I humbly suggest more of the government elite, the national intelligence corp, in all countries, should study the Quran, understand what is says, see the deceit and hate it suggests.  With some knowledge what is taking place in many localities will simply not be permitted?  Is it because of fear that England and France see the Muslim community gaining strength in the halls of government, some say soon to take over.  Would it be permitted if the religion was guided by a different book, similarly encouraging death of those that do not accept the laws of the gang in control.  In Ireland 7 Muslims were arrested for trying to kill a cartoonist.  Another image inciting a want (I say an excuse) to murder a non-believer.  The following is the news release from The Times.
Should affinity groups be allowed in any country whose agenda is to kill those who are adverse to affiliation, leave the order, joke about the order, or simply promote another, more pleasant, more loving and caring, and more civil, possible affinity group with whom to associate? 

 ” From

March 10, 2010

Seven Muslims arrested over ‘plot to kill cartoonist’

Seven people have been arrested in the Republic of Ireland over a suspected plot to kill a Swedish artist (Lars Vilks) who portrayed the Prophet Muhammad as a dog and had a $100,000 (£66,000) al-Qaeda bounty on his head.

Anti-terrorist units used information from the CIA, FBI and European intelligence agencies to identify the suspected terrorist cell of three women and four men. They are believed to include Algerian, Libyan, Croatian, US and Palestinian citizens and at least one naturalised Irish citizen.

They were arrested in Cork and Waterford after a four-month international investigation.

The artist, Lars Vilks, has received death threats this year and was forced to go into hiding after his depictions of the Prophet were printed in a Swedish newspaper in 2007.

After the Danish cartoonist Kurt Westergaard was threatened by a Somali axeman in January, 2010, Mr Vilks said he had received calls from “a Swedish-speaking Somali” who said: “Now it’s your turn.”

Irish police said that three men and two women were arrested in Waterford city and Tramore and a man and a woman in Ballincollig, Cork. They range in age from the mid-20s to late 40s and are understood to include at least one convert to Islam.

Senior police officers were eager to stress they do not believe that those arrested are members of the terrorist group and posed no threat to Irish security.

At least one of the suspects is a naturalised Irish citizen while a number of others have attempted to claim asylum.

Superintendent John Gilligan said the investigation involved security agencies in a number of countries.

“It’s an international investigation in the sense that we are operating here in Ireland in relation to conspiracy to murder someone in another jurisdiction and we are operating in conjunction with other law enforcement agencies,” he said.

Mobile phones, personal documents, computers and discs were seized in raids on homes during the arrests. Some of those arrested are believed to be converts to Islam.

The suspects had been living legally in Ireland for up to ten years. Some arrived as refugees and none is in full-time employment.”

How much of this must we endure before leaders of the world begin to act.  I give credit to the boldness and awareness of Geert Wilders.  He is the one being accused of hate (against Muslims).  How can that be; he does not want them dead.  He just wants them out of his country so the majority of the people he loves will not be killed by Muslims.  Muslims act using the term ‘justification for persecution’ as their call to action.

We must recognize that “hate” and “kill” are common to the Islamist ideology.  This is an ideology of hate.  Understand it.  Do not defend it, or know in so doing you have also become a hater of the free world.

May peace be on the minds of all readers, not deceit, hate or killing, but honesty, truth and wisdom.  Grace and peace to all.

2 thoughts on “Understanding Islam – Part 21 (Any Excuse to Kill a Non-Believer)

  1. Fez:
    I am not wanting to debate the issue of which is the fastest growing religion, even though my understanding is as a percentage it is Mormonism. And I am not trying to spread hate – my goal is to answer questions, express concerns and seek rational responses to provide clarity to the true path for a life eternal. If one believes in life after death, which I do, and seeks salvation, then what is the best way or only way. I agree with you that Islam is a rapidly growing religion, and for that reason alone it needs to be studied, understood and if doubts arise, then they need to be answered and erased, if possible, so the decision to embrace Islam is clear and chosen freely.

    You claim the power of Islam is unstoppable. But have you chosen your religion free of any coercion or concern that as an apostate you might be considered an ‘infidel’ and sought out for retribution, even death? Muslims are intelligent and capable people. They can learn, they can study, and they can make decisions, but are they permitted, if they so desire, to find a different path towards salvation if they, independently, discover a better way (in their own mind)?

    Do you love peace? I do. As a peace-loving person, accepting too in the freedom of all humans, I am willing to allow for multiple religions, yet profess a desire to find the one that best suits me, and the one that clearly represents a loving, caring attitude towards others. It troubles me that in your religion, according to the Quran (Sura 9:5) it says, “Slay the idolaters, wherever you find them”, basically saying fight and slay the Pagans (non-believers) wherever you find them. That is not very loving or caring to me. Does that not bother you that killing another person is acceptable, taking another’s life is acceptable, especially if God is a loving God? Is Allah loving? Do you feel loved by Allah?

    Are Allah and God the same? From my research I say ‘no.’ As much as pundits exist that suggests all religions share the same god, of this I cannot agree. See my posting, Understanding Islam – Part 4 (Allah v. God). (posted December 15, 2009).

    You make the claim, “Islam is from God Almighty: Your God, My God and the God of the universe. God does not need me or any other Muslim to defend his religion — He himself is sufficient for this.” Given this statement and the god your reference as Allah, then why are there so many incidents in the world where Christians and Jews are being attacked by Muslims? Is this not ‘defense”, or is it ‘offense’? And why can’t Israel be left alone; why such a bent towards eradicating Judaism by Muslims. Saudi Arabia and other Muslim countries do not even have Israel on their world maps.

    Another question, and as you stated you need not defend yourself, but then why not – why is their no salvation for woman in the Quran? And then what is the cost to you for your Salvation? What if it were free? Would that be attractive to you? What if you did not have to do anything to earn it? No catches, free, it may be the greatest offer ever made. Interested? I was. I explored it, and I discovered it. It is eternal life through Christ Jesus our Lord, through Love, through sacrifice and suffering so that you and I are free of the sins (the evils) we live with every day. Any sin is a crime against God Almighty, yet he forgives, and forgives today so you can know you are saved. Sura 2:284 says “To Allah belongs whatever is in the heavens and whatever is in the earth. And whether you manifest what is in your minds or hide it, Allah will call you to account according to it. So He forgives whom He pleases and chastises whom He pleases. And Allah is Possessor of power over all things.” No matter the good, even if 100% good over evil in one’s lifetime, the decision remains with Allah. Salvation is not assured. But through Jesus Christ you can be assured of salvation.

    The Quran affirms the validity of the Bible. Sura 10:94 “But if thou art in doubt as to that which We have revealed to thee, ask those who read the Book before thee. Certainly the Truth has come to thee from thy Lord, so be not thou of the doubters.” Affirming the validity of the Bible – right there in the Quran!!!! The New Testament provides freedom, indeed, Christ died so we all may be free, you and I, and the wrath of God shall only fall on those who choose not to believe. It is a choice! John 3:36 states, “He who believes in the Son has eternal life; but he who does not obey the Son will not see life, but the wrath of God abides on him.” Note also Galatians 5:1, “It was for freedom that Christ set us free; therefore keep standing firm and do not be subject again to the yoke of slavery.”

    Jesus paid for our sins, yours and mine. Salvation has already been provided. What hinders anyone from accepting this blessed spiritual gift? It is sin. Repent and be saved, by accepting by faith God’s gift of forgiveness provided by the death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ (read 1 Corinthians 15:3-5). Study, discover for yourself, the life of Christ, the history behind his life, the witnesses, the miracles, the proximity of accounts recorded about his life to the time of the actual events, then decide. Many authors agree on the accounts, not just one, and over 500 witnessed Christ resurrected. Were they all wrong, and if so why did no one come forward to deny what took place? The evidence is compelling.

    Salvation is not decided upon through a popularity contest. It is not the most popular religion that provides the reason for acceptance, necessarily, as you claim for Islam; it is the consequences of truth, through evidence provided, through study, through understanding, by way of the free use of our conscious mind, God given, and our own abilities that we can embrace the Lord of our future.

    How many wholeheartedly accept a religion only on the basis of what others accept, coerced into a religion not of their choosing, but that of others lauding over them, enforcing and policing? At maturity we should all, even if part of a family or community, be able to make our own independent selection, without fear. Are you certain you will be saved? I am.


  2. Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world, esp in countries such as France, Germany, USA and other modern countries.

    It is this article that is spreading hate — hate for the religion professed by one fifth of the world.

    The power of Islam is unstoppable for one basic reason: Islam is from God Almighty: Your God, My God and the God of the universe. God does not need me or any other Muslim to defend his religion — He himself is sufficient for this.

    Endeavoring to stop Islam, in fact, promotes and spreads it. Post 9/11, with the increase of Islam-bashing, the popularity of Islam and the pace of the spread of Islam has increased manifold.

    Just realize this fact and things will fall into place for you.


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