Understanding Islam – Part 19 – (Killing Christians)

On Monday 3/8/2010 a news report was found in my local paper (not front page news)(The Palm Beach Post; I bought a USA Today and found nothing)  about an ethnic cleansing of Christians in Nigeria by Muslims.  How often must we read such reports?  Coptics in Egypt  killed exiting a Christmas service, and attacks of Christians in Muslim dominated countries around the world are often reported, with little opposing opinion noted.   What is in the heart of a Muslim to mount such violence against another faith.   From the website of The New York Times (http://www.nytimes.com/2010/03/09/world/africa/09nigeria.html):

“They attacked those villages and killed well over 300 people, mostly women, children and the aged,” Mr. Yenlong said. “They killed them unprovoked. Innocent people were massacred.”

Witnesses, including Mr. Peter, spoke of bodies littering the streets of Ratt. One victim was less than 3 months old, he said.

“I’m seeing more than 20 corpses right now, women and children who have been killed,” Mr. Peter said. “Virtually every house has been burned down. Corpses of people are littered about. They were slaughtered with machetes. I can see the cuts on their head and neck.”

Mr. Peter said the attacks began around 2 a.m. and lasted around four hours.

The attacks come at a time of political crisis in Nigeria. The acting president, Vice President Goodluck Jonathan, was appointed by the National Assembly to rule in the place of President Umaru Yar’Adua, who is gravely ill. Mr. Jonathan sent troops to Jos in January to quell the violence, but his authority in the country is uncertain.

Mr. Peter said security forces were scarce on Sunday. “There are two military personnel just hanging around,” he said.

One man who was present during the attacks said the killers began firing guns, then poured gasoline on the roofs in Ratt.

“We saw the Fulani coming, and they started shooting,” said the man, Yohanna Kudu. “They used machetes to kill our women and children. Some of the children were burned inside the houses.”

He added, “We thought the military would protect us.”

This took place in Jos, Nigeria.

Islam, when the Quran is read literally, may be a religion of ‘hate’, a method and means for ethnic cleansing masquerading as a religion.  Geert Wilders in the Netherlands is accused of hate speech for his verbal attacks on fundamentalist Islam.  (He is using words; they are using machetes)  It is interesting to note that going back to basics in Islam, to the time of Muhammad and the life he led that influenced the writings of the book attributed to his dreams (revelations), reverts Islam back to a time when horrific acts of violence were common.  This would be the fundamentals of Islam.  It would rest in a cultural time-warp, and that is what appears to be occurring this very day.  With Islam as an excuse, Allah (and Muhammad) as their champion, the Quran as their Islamic Manifesto, Muslims can kill unmercifully and if this act of hatred is against an infidel, a non-believer, their award is Allah’s heaven.  For me Allah’s heaven may be the Christian’s hell.  Using the term ‘antichrist’ would be apropos, as this military cruelty, this religious fervor, these open and violent attacks upon people who have accepted Christ as their savior would be by gangs of those opposed to Christ  (against or anti-Christ.)

The world must be able to see these events for what they are – acts of hatred against everyone that is not a Muslim.  How can this go on and be tolerated.  History suggests ideologies that were developed from The Communist Manifesto and Mein Kampf did not bode well for world populations.  These were books that caused a following that grew to become armed forces against different ideas, religions or cultures.  Is this now be allowed again in today’s world. 

We know, Christians know, the Lord will rescue us and has prepared a place for us regardless of what happens in this life, in this world.  Yet as observers what is happening will never allow for peace, world peace, until the ‘hate’ groups are disbanded, reformed, or eliminated.  Are Christians the group to be eliminated? 

Our prayers are for those in Nigeria that have suffered in the name of their Lord.  May they be strong and stand firm in their faith.  They know salvation is theirs and the wrath of God, the Trinity, will befall others.  Judgment is not man’s judgment, under the banner of heaven, but God’s.

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