Understanding Islam – Part 11 (The Evil of Our Time)

The question raised often, given the growth of Islam in various parts of the world, and the impact of the Muslim population when percentages reach certain levels, is as noted in the title to this Blog – “Is Islam the Evil of Our Time?  For one view on this subject may I refer you to YouTube.


This less than 10 minute video is quite revealing.

We must pray for all who believe in freedom and their right to explore other religions and to in turn choose a religion that fits their personal desires.  Islam is considered not a religion or a faith, but an ideology, a system of life.  The religion of Islam is a guide and the book of this religion is the foundation for society and the laws that govern (Sharia).  It is an all-in-one ideology.  There is no separation of church and state.  And there is no freedom except for those that believe in Allah – and that too is questionable if compared to others within the religion you are considered a moderate.   As an example, in Indonesia, the world’s most populous Muslim country, predominately moderates, extremists (now less than 2% of the total) are using force (bombings, personal attacks) to convert villages into “model Islamic villages” (USA Today, Jan 18, Monday, 2010, The Muslim country…, by Lewis M Simons, pg. 9A) and gaining power.  They want a more fundamentalist Islamic country ruled by Sharia. Woman who before were able to walk the streets in Western garb, are now often subject to arrest if they do not cover their hair.    Should all people lack objectivity and be coerced, indeed surrender, submit, obey, be sincere and have peace, but only as believers in Allah and saying the Shahada – There is no god but Allah.  Muhammad is the messenger of Allah?  Is this evil?  What is the goal of Islam?  Is it clearly stated in the Qur’an (sura 2.193), “And fight them until there is no persecution, and religion is only for Allah….”

 We must pray that even in secular states, countries, the governments can respect and defend the freedom of all, even those living under a religion of surrender, and not surrender to the demands of a few made in the name of an ideology not befitting that of the nation in which free people live. 

God Bless all that defend freedom and remain free, free to believe as they choose.

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