Rich made Poorer – Purchasing Power and Jobs Decline

As bizarre as it may appear to the Liberal community the Rich are beneficial to the economy and society.  The Obama Administration with its Socialistic tendencies and penchant to focus legislation on creating a Bigger Government is using the wealthy in our society as a source of funding for the programs they desire.  This is not a new practice by politicians, only the magnitude and extent of the Obama gluttonous appetite for spending is new.   Transfer of wealth is a stated goal – but what about the Economy? 

Here’s the dilemma for Mr. Chaos (my affectionate term for Pres. BHO).  First the Wealthy or Rich, or if the Liberals prefer, the Haves, tend to be big spenders.  That is good, is it not, as spending is useful.  It creates jobs, increases money supply (more efficiently than Government spending, may I add), and causes a ripple effect of more spending and more jobs, of the productive kind and not of the governmental variety.  Good, yes!

With Mr. Chaos’ proposals and those of his Democrats, their love affair with lawyers and Unions (especially Unions), and certainly their inefficient spending practices, coupled with the Pork and favoritism hidden and allowed in the small print of the excessive pages of legislation they produce as an inducement to march lock-step with the Administration, they see the wealthy, rich and Haves (“WRH’s”, as a group) as a source of Revenues (via taxation) to pay for their desires, mis-use of funds, their vote purchasing, and job creation (government jobs primarily).

What happens now?  Well many of the WRH’s must change their habits.  They do so by spending less and doing more for themselves.  Some even leave the ranks of the WRH’s and enter the ranks of the potential beneficiaries of the largesse of the Democrats and Mr. Chaos.  That means planting their own gardens, mowing their own lawns, putting up their own Christmas lights (Holiday lights too), downsizing the size of their automobiles for smaller vehicles, boating less, fishing less, attending fewer sporting events, and dining out less.  People are making their own pies and cakes, cooking at home, when they dine out it is at lower cost restaurants and smaller portions (shared meals), boutiques are losing out to Wal-Marts and Costco (not their fault mind you), and travel is down.  The Liberal elite may like this – Country Clubs are having their troubles too – too many clubs, too few members – a recent problem due to the economy.  Another indicator of the change is spending habits of the WRH’s is reflected in the selling of homes in more upscale neighborhoods or more exotic locations, even warmer and popular locations and moving to areas where more house can be purchased for the dollar, property taxes are lower, and the cost of living is lower.   The WRH’s are selling vacation homes in areas considered more ritzy and seeking to discover new resort/summer/winter spots at lower prices, or just staying year ’round at their primary residence, changing their lifestyle accordingly from boating to bicycling to playing cards and dominos.   Such moves have a significant impact on area jobs, wages paid, and the demand for third-party services.  Pay more taxes, earn less money and cut back, alter your life-style, spend less and make do with less.  Industrious people can succeed under such conditions, but can the economy necessary to support Mr. Chaos’ objectives succeed in paying for the BHO plans?  Impact – fewer jobs – less retail staff, less home services personnel, less wait staff , smaller audiences, reduced Government tax revenues, increased Government Debt and so much more. 

The dynamics of the Obama programs are devastating for the economy.  The problems of our Economy we trust them (The Administration in Power) to solve can only get worse under any program the Democrats and BHO has announced as their own.  Obama wants his forecasters to do their job given historical performance figures, not viewing the actions of BHO as having a lessening impact (foolishly and ignorantly so) on future numbers.  The destiny they have for America will never again be the America as we have known it.  The source they are relying upon to fund their diabolic programs couched under the disguise of helping the poor and sick and uninsured, also the illegals, can only do more harm to those they are saying they want to help.  Under the term Political Correctness they are erasing our historical foundations and making America less of the Nation it is and was.  God is under seige, and at this time we need Him more than ever. 

The WRH’s are many of the small businesses BHO will succeed in putting out of business.  Hard to imagine but the Democrats are doing more for big business, the lobbyists, the Unions, and the lawyers than ever before as those groups mentioned are the principal source for funding the campaigns of the politicians.  This is not just a Democrat dependency, but a Republican dependency too.  We, the People, have become victims of the greed of those that pay the way for politicians to be elected, and then control their legislative actions by holding the carrot of future campaign funding before their noses.

The People are in the death grip of our politicians until we the People accept the greed inherent in the welfare system, an enabling program that makes too many depending on Government (loved then by the politicians and catered too as potential future votes) for their bread, butter, mortgage, credit card payments, and other expected dollars from the “stash” they think Obama has – never fully understanding we the People are the source (that is We the People that pay the taxes). 

We the People need the WRH’s.  They work.  They work harder than those that are not the WRH’s for the most part.  They are creative, inventive and productive.  They are driven by the American Dream (which may be changing to the American Nightmare).  Mr. Chaos needs to find a way to keep the dollars in their hands so they can spend, and help the economy and the job sector.  It is not the Big Business and the Big Government that drives our economy, it is the small business and the creative new businesses that drive our economy and the purchasing power of the WRH’s.  Eliminate all premium goods by leveling society as our chaotic Administration and Democratic body of politicians are causing and what is left.  Sameness is boring, and not economically exciting.  There may be only one car – like the Ford model-T, for all Americans.  (That car may well be made not by a Union owned – Obamamotors, but by a foreign entity whose Country owns all our debt).  Variety will disappear.  Name brands will make way for same brands.  All men will be wearing dark suits and white shirts.  Woman will wear plain dresses of the same length, possibly made at home, grey or black.  Is this sounding more like the aftermath of the “crash” of the late 20’s or post WWII America? – then recognize the future Obama has in store.  He does not see it, unfortunately, because he is blind to the reality, he is inexperienced, and he is on the Presidential travel network more as a tourist than as a leader. 

Obama is proving to many Americans he was not the man for the Presidency.  Unfortunately Bush 43 did not help the People and set the stage for Obama and the Democrats gaining a foothold in the Senate and Congress.  His Republican cohorts, the politicians they are, did not help either.  Are we losing our way?  Can we not find people capable of being elected that are Statesmen first and politicians second, that are American’s first and selfish, greedy, dependent politicians second?  Obama has discovered the black hole of political success by himself believing he can promise everything, enable all, transfer wealth, convince most Americans he knows what is good for them, fool enough of the People most of the time,  insure most Americans (again) the Government can do for them what they cannot do for themselves (as he feels they are dumber than the Government), increase our National Debt, print money (ignoring the value of the U.S. dollar relative to other world currencies) to pay off our Debt and cover all entitlement programs, trust foreign Debt holders of our paper will remain confident in America’s continued success and purchasing power (investing in our Treasury Notes and not calling their existing loans), be a nice guy to all the evil America hating countries (and because of BHO’s rhetoric make them love America), and protect our Nation from harm – all at the same time.  He wants to be loved, but most respected leaders want to succeed at their postion by doing what is right for their business within the framework of the operating budget for which they are responsible and must optimize its utilization to succeed at their enterprise.  Leaders do not overtly lead their ship of state towards bankruptcy.  If I am saying Obama is not a leader, well you’ve got me there – that is what I am saying.  He is not the leader this Nation needs to keep us prosperous, respected as a world power, or safe.  I am worried by his actions, his words and his deeds. 

Bring back the WRH’s.  Create opportunites for People to become WRH’s.  Incentivize American’s so more people fill the ranks of the WRH’s.  Encourage more to get off Welfare and into productive society.  Educate our children that welfare only helps the poor, it is not intended as a lifestyle, the Government as the mothership forever, and that America has riches available to those that work.  Teach America of both the history of Unions, when they were necessary, and when they are not necessary – the devastating impact they have had on many industries, the automotive Industry the greatest example of the harm Unions can cause in exchange for their greed, intransigence and willingness to sacrifice America’s place in the world for the power of the Union bosses. 

Need I go on – you get my drift.  We have a need in America for our Founding Father’s principles and ideals to be taught and spoken broadly so all the People understand and know who we were, are and can be again.  We are a Nation under God, built on biblical principles, a Christian Nation, but one tolerant of all religions.  We understand the need for the separation of church and State, but more from the viewpoint that Government cannot interfere with Religion.  Our textbooks are being changed and need to be restored to include the truth about who we are as Americans.  Let not the liberal influences, the secular influences, overwhelm the facts.  We need to ensure the Truth is told, shared, respected, and encouraged in this great Nation.  We need politicians that share that view and opinion also running for election, being elected, and then maintaining their principles after attaining office – not brought down to the level of today’s politicians who represent more of what American should not be, oriented towards lemming status.  We need the Stand-Up American standing up for We The People.

God Bless America.

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