Accept This Knock on Your Door

The book (Wake Up! Wake Up! The Testimony of a Layman) has reached its National Release Date and is now available at, and others.  Autographed copies can be obtaineWake Up FD 0813d at  It will soon be available as an Audiobook.  eBooks are also selling. 

A summary: “Come take a journey with me.  Christmas is the starting point.  Easter is the end point.  Let my struggle wake you up to our world and the opportunities the Triune God has made possible.  Accept this knock on your door to travel with me.  It is totally voluntary. What I have found is a path to a life everlasting through a realization of the reality the life, death and new life of Jesus, and the meaning of the cross.  My GPS, containing many strategic dots that when connected opened my eyes to the truth, was the Word.  The resurrection was the highest peak on the many mountains I crossed and that now surround me.  Helping to maneuver the different transports taken, and now my driver, is The Holy Spirit.  How my heart and mind was made available and opened may help you with your turmoil.  Or just take a ride, the scenery may be enough to remind you that even with pain, there is beauty and love inside and outside your window.” 

A year from now will be another book  wich my Publisher accepted.  Current title:  Bang Bang – God is Real.  It discusses the NoGod nature of many Philosophers, scientists and Atheists and ChampagneGlass_inHand1077attempts to introduce the Truth that Divine Law cannot be excluded from any analysis.  It suggests the Big Bang Theory and the discovery and improbability of  DNA occurring by chance (the Darwinian way) are an awakening to the influence of the Divine on everything.  Noted are persons that have converted from being an atheist/non-believer to Christianity.  Also the need for Love and Hope, and its ready availability, by the NoGod contingent is discussed.  Doubt is an issue that is pervasive for the believer and the non-believer, the God and the NoGod persons, and the book concludes with how to live with doubt.  It is a work-in-progress well on its way.

Grace and peace.

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