American is being ‘Waterboarded’ by the Liberals

This health care reform concept, in all the forms presently under discussion, probably just won’t work.  No matter the Plan put forth the pathways all lead back to the Government.  When I say the Government it’s because in each Plan it gets bigger, has more employees, has more active regulation to monitor, and has the government involved in managing the money and the business.  Historically Government operated programs have not done well financially and never as forecast – the Government has proven time and again it cannot run businesses.  Take the Post Office, Medicare and Medicaid, the VA system and Social Security – each of these programs is grossly mis-managed and far over forecasts presented to the public when planned and voted upon. 

There’s more.  We are on the downside of an economic crisis, some say we are on the rise (still down but trending up), and a commonsense approach to any new government programs would suggest waiting until there is a light at the end of the tunnel and more local, State and Federal pockets can see improvements in their budgets (vs. more red ink).  Currently we all know what the BHO Administration has suggested (not just with health care, but cap and trade, and military programs and others) will be costly to Americans.  Taxes will result and those not honestly imposed directly will be indirect – increased taxes on insurance companies, increased taxes on gasoline, taxes for those uninsured, taxes on sugar containing products (the Coke Cola and Baby Ruth Tax), increases in the costs of goods sold (like food no longer coming from the San Joaquin Valley in California due to environmentalists and the President cutting off water supplies for irrigation due to concerns over the endangered life of a 2″ minnow), and the need to pay for Bigger Government (to include all the Czars, the Pork, and the budget for Michelle Obama’s – “MO” –  staff).  Maybe the Administration has good intentions, but they show little in terms of good judgement.  This is not the time to do anything but climb our way out of the economic crisis caused by the housing crisis and get our economy, the work force, and the housing world back on the right foot – at least stabilized.

The politicians have been too obvious in making Americans appear less than intelligent.  We when we are told the insurers or the oil companies will be taxed so it will not be a cost to us, who do they think we are.  We have an education system for all in this Country so we can understand such foolish talk.  We know who pays and we know it is a ‘hidden’, indirect tax.  But if it walks like a tax, looks like a tax, and smells like a tax, and if it is coming from the Government, it is a TAX. 

By the way – none of this is racist.  It is a practical approach to budgeting and balancing America’s checkbook. 

Let me mention Capitalism here – there is a trend among liberals to denigrate our capitalistic system.  The word ‘greed’ comes to mind.  Now I am not Gordon Gecko, but we all know that profits are taxed and those tax dollars run the government.  Tax dollars also pay off debt – interest and principal.  (note:  to the extent we can keep down those dollars that go to pay interest – to foreign countries and purchasers of Government Bonds – that money can be used to pay for sensible government programs OR actually used to reduce taxes )  This Country pays it bills with Revenues from business, profitable businesses, and the people.  If profits from businesses are attacked successfully, new business activity discouraged, growth discouraged (the ‘greed’ complaints from the liberals) then the only source to support the government becomes the people – higher taxes.  But if more people are made poorer as a result of fewer jobs, required payments for government programs (like health care – as a payment or a penalty), higher interest on borrowings, less money available to borrow (constraints on Banks) and less trade (no one buying or selling), even the people will not generate enough income (the people need income upon which to pay taxes) to pay the magnitude of taxes (Revenues) the Government will continue to need to run its businesses (as well as pay for Pork and Czars and MO’s staff).  What then.  Is the trend towards 100% taxes.  Socialism?  This can all be avoided it we have an Administration that understands what it is doing.  I do not feel the current Administration, probably due to BHO’s lack of any business acumen, understands – or grasps the gravity of the situation.  That is most clear from the lips of Pelosi and Harry Reid. Waterboarding

There is much chaos in DC – and the leader of that chaos is BHO – that is why I call him Mr. Chaos.  In the Government stew is currently too little substance, too many spices, no taste, too many chefs, too many cooks, and not enough willing to even sample the product.  It is time to get out of the kitchen and let all the fires subside. 

We need a waiting period – but that scares BHO, ’cause at the end of that period comes a new election and with his popularity declining he has already gone on the campaign trail.  There is much nonsense, too much bickering, no real direction, not sensible plan, and too much BHO on the airwaves telling us questionable truth according to BHO.  It must stop.  It is like we are at a football game and the teams are Republican and Democrat.  Which one will win.  Well neither should be trying to win.  In this game it is the audience, the fans that must be the winners, that must be victorious for the future of this Nation.  When did the politicians stop thinking about the people who elected them (the day they were elected?)?  American is being ‘waterboarded’ by the liberals. 

Please let me have your comments so this dialog can continue and we, the common man, can help find the solutions to the needs of the common man only as we understand them.  Our Government does not understand – that goes for both sides of the aisle.

4 thoughts on “American is being ‘Waterboarded’ by the Liberals

  1. OK – regulations are possible to help with the insurance problem you noted. That’s what gov. do. Limit overhead if you must – but consider profits produce taxes which produce Revenues for the Gov. If an insurer could provid better coverage for less money and make more than 5%, why wouldn’t that be OK. Win-win-win as I see it.

    Gov. needs to set prioorities. More spending now not one. What about getting the economy going, incentives for increased productivity in Amer., and take back the money from the ‘fraud and inefficiences’ in Medicare and Medicaid NOW. We have time – time to focus on HCR, indeed make it a priority, but consider everything possible with Regulation more in mind that Bigger Government; also to produce a plan of reform that makes We the People happier and more confident it will not bankrupt our Country.

    BHO is in too much of a rush for such a serious issue. Already the proposals from the House and Senate, and the obfuscation of facts from BHO have caused great pain for our nation. We need a cure. Patience is needed, logic is needed. It is not Game Day with the Reps v. the Dems on the field trying to win – the winners must be the fans, the spectators in this case. You and me!

    And still on the dollar front (more the debt front) is Cap and Trade (very costly and still questionable as to the extent of the plan and is immediate need), now cradle to grave education, and still the economy, the Banks, the Obama Motors hole, and constraints on personal and business income that will only reduce Gov. Revenues. It is getting chaotic and Mr. Chaos is in charge.

    Thank you for your comments. They do indeed provide food for thought. This is the kind of dialog that this Country needs.


  2. I agree. We do need reform, but not as proposed. See earlier Blog on Proposals and Considerations. My discourse is more on the Timing for the Government to spend more. If increased competition is what is desired (which would reduce Health Insurers overhead) allow Insurers to provide coverage nationwide -every one of them. Just like the auto insurers. You make a good point. But I believe I do as well. I am for Reform, against Big Government, for competition, and some regulation can help.


    1. The problem with allowing people to buy coverage from out of state companies is the insurance companies will locate in states with the most lax regulations, as happened with credit card companies. While it may reduce rates initially, quality will also be reduced.

      Regulation could work if it limits overhead to say 5%, but that’s not going to happen.

      Co-ops have been tried and failed miserably due to corruption.

      So what’s left?


  3. Some of us are tired of padding the pockets of private health insurance CEOs with millions of dollars in bonuses for mediocre coverage at exorbitant rates.

    Medicare operates at a 3% overhead while private insurance companies operate at an average of 20% overhead. That means $2 out of every $10 you pay for health insurance doesn’t go to health care providers; it just goes to companies who’s sole purpose is to make a buck, often by denying coverage.

    While capitalism is great for things like TVs and microwaves, it is not good for health insurance. We currently have real “death panels” with private insurance companies deciding who will live or die.

    You may be satisfied with the current system but most Americans are not. We need reform NOW!


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