Criminalizing Christianity

From the Desk of:
Mat Staver, Founder and Chairman
Liberty Counsel

To all who believe, and who believe in Freedom.  Reproduced to spread the word.

Tomorrow (August 21) at 9:00 a.m. in the federal court serving Northern Florida, the first of three defendants charged with illegally praying (or merely encouraging prayer) over a meal will
face Judge Casey Rodgers.

Michelle Winkler, a Santa Rosa County clerical assistant asked
her husband to bless a meal at a privately sponsored “Employee
of the Year” banquet held at a rented, off-campus facility
well after school hours.  But the prying eyes of the ACLU
took note, and Michelle now faces stiff fines and censure!

Mrs. Winkler is charged with civil contempt, but her school’s
principal, Frank Lay, and its athletic director, Robert Freeman,
face CRIMINAL charges before the same judge on September 17.

    Although the potential penalties are not as severe in
    Michelle’s case, the core issues are much the same.
    This historic battle begins tomorrow in Pensacola!

We have spread the word of the ACLU’s outrageous attempt to
criminalize Christianity in America in every way we can.  We
have appeared on the Fox News Channel, CNN, and scores of
other national broadcast outlets, and will continue doing so.

We were on Fox News discussing Michelle’s plight again just
this morning.  But now I need your help in two very important

ACTION ITEM ONE:  Please pray!  There’s a reason the ACLU
     doesn’t want prayer in public places – they can’t make
     headway on their secular, statist agenda when we pray!
     And Michelle Winkler needs prayers from brothers and
     sisters across America to stand strong tomorrow.  Just
     imagine being in her place!

ACTION ITEM TWO:  Tell as many Christian friends as possible
     about this pivotal battle for the soul of our Nation, and ask
     them to join you in prayer!  Even if you’ve already done
     some forwarding (and thank you so much for that), please
     do even more today! This call to prayer must get out to a
     much wider audience!

I cannot emphasize strongly enough what a crucially important
group of cases this is!  The future of American law and our
precious freedom of religious expression literally hang in the
balance in this small Florida Panhandle community.

++Criminalizing Christianity

The Santa Rosa County School System is emblematic
of every public school system in America, including the one
that serves your community.

The super-rich, ultraliberal ACLU bullies fully intend to add
precedent upon precedent in highly targeted cases like Santa
Rosa County until it is a CRIME to express one’s faith in a
public setting anywhere in the United States.

++This cannot stand!  The ACLU must not win!

Sent to all my friends as this is important stuff.

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