“Fishy” emails to Big Brother

This is abusive.  Big Brother – The Obama Administration – now wants all citizens to forward emails (to flag@whitehouse.govif you so choose) to alert them to non Obama, non health care – single payor system – reform, and any other non (or opposition) feelings you may receive, read or have about Administration policies or desires or objectives.  This is diabolic.  Even if I was for the programs of Obama I am not for this watch-dog in your face approach.  What next – IRS audits of those sending emails then forwarded to Flag-man?  Of FBI raids for unfavorable Obama practices? 

Dear Lord, we must all get on bended knee and pray that our Country will come to its senses and sense this attempt to destroy our Freedoms.  America is all about Freedom – Obama is all about Obama and the bell of Freedom he seems to be ringing has a distinct Socialist/Orwelian tone.  May we be guided into 2010 by more objective and understanding minds as to what America is all about.

Brother is listening and watching.

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