Wal-Mart Employees – “Yes” or “No” to Unions?

How are Unions most remembered in America? For me – they destroyed the American automobile industry and the steel industry. Look what they are doing to education in America. Where is the benefit?  What is the benefit?  Should the employees of Wal-Mart say “yes” or “no” to the Unions? If “Yes” my guess is Wal-Mart may not be around in 10 years and certainly the cost of goods will increase, and employment will decrease. Is this another Obama-SEIU plan – part of the ‘Change” for America?  To me it is more reason to “Pray” for America and plan for 2010.  Obama may get enough pushed through in his first 2 years in office that even with (and we can only work to achieve this) a decrease in the Demoncratic majority (a minority again), during his last two years he will veto any attempt to curb funding for the programs he has passed (shoved) through.  He has an army that does not read bills, they don’t have the time or the intellect, but only focus on the “me” in the bill.  What did those that voted for Obama miss – nothing.  He told it like it was going to be – and that is what America is getting.  He promised socialism and big deficits and he is headed in the direction of the land he promised.  His “Green” Czar is a proclaimed Communist. 

Obama did not lie to America.  America just did not listen.  He is giving us what he told he would.  Are you happy now?

After 6 months in office, Obama will now rest.  It is the 7th.  Is he repeating Biblical history and taking pause after his accomplishments in the period of 6.  He did proclaim that the Economy is doing better (we are still in a deep recession – and for some a deep depression) and that he has accomplished much in his 6 m0nths and it is all very good.   He will continue to build Governement, Apollo (and if you do not know what that coalition is, do some research – it will open your eyes), AmeriCorps (a citizen army with as much funding as our military), and more to insure America will no longer produce, but use – he will use us all up. 

America the Beautiful – we can only ask God to help us survive this Holocaust.

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