Wake Up! Wake Up! – The Testimony of a Layman

Wake Up! Wake Up! - Book CoverTate Publishing provided a tentative release date of Oct. 27, 2009 for this new book by the author of this Blog site.  Wake Up! Wake Up! – The Testimony of a Layman is the story of this man’s faith, how it came about and how it has evolved.  It was not an epiphany as are so many revelations for one to believe.  From a family of faith, but without a personal commitment, I grew up and enjoyed life.  Even though I believed in Christ never did I consider having a relationship nor what a relationship with the Lord would mean.  Now I am a committed Christian.  I have volunteered, never coerced, but have become more entrenched, more knowledgeable, and more open to the Word.  As such the Bible has become a beacon for the path I now travel.  I welcome all of you to read about my journey; it may be similar to yours; it may simply be a stroy that refreshes your own thinking and desire to pursue further a Christian faith.  Books will be availabl from the Tate website as well as my own website – TomBalderston.com – in the near future.  I will post just when.

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