Modernity Verboten in Islam

UI – Part 689 – Modernity Verboten in Islam

Modernity Verboten

Modern times at the Islamic high schools are not permitted. When the subjects of Imams, the Ulema of Islam, the autocrats and totalitarians of Islam, strive for modernity, oppression,  suppression, will result.  The tribal nature of the clerics, the mullahs, that command their attention, their dedication, and their devotion, define the purity of the Muslim. It is what they seek, although seldom practice. The fundamentalist elite deny the sinful nature of the human. They exploit their lust to take charge of new territories for Allah. New territories, once conquered, are theirs. There is no shame or guilt when murdering infidels. The citizen, Muslims or remnants, are as chattel and looked upon as a nuisance, especially when there is dissent. Those that attempt to reclaim land once theirs, as the Christians and Persians, their lands that now comprise what is today the ME, would be labelled aggressors against Islam.  Islam’s right is thus to defend themselves. The Holy Land is not theirs. Egypt and the Maghreb was never theirs. Constantinople was never theirs. That is not their stance though. 

Islamists want what others have. What others produce is but a treasure the jihadist can take, an oasis to conquer. Until the day they are defeated!  Islamists are deceptive, Allah the most deceptive, a liar, from their own Scripture. What other culture would be so heartless as to murder those who sought their friendship, even providing gifts at their baby shower, to visit them a week later at their common place of employment, high powered repeating weapons in hand, firing rapidly and with the objective of killing them all, all infidels. Such bloodlust is for Allah. And so you know, Allah is not God. Allah is an artifice of Satan being used to advance what Muslims wrongly claim is a religion.

Grace and Peace


Thomas Balderston

Author and Blogger

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