Islam, Islamophobia, Europe and America

UI – Part 658 – Islam, Islamophobia, Europe and America

Fundamentals – Defense

Beware of the Islamists, the fundamentalists, and the hate-fueled jihadists that behead, terrorize, and express righteous indignation using a sword.  Europe is now realizing their openness and objectivity towards Islam may have been an error.  Warnings are now flowing across the pond that America cannot allow a repeat of what has invaded free nations on the European continent. 

Recent terror attacks in France have become a wake-up alarm. The warning sign is the image of a Christian woman being beheaded at the Catholic basilica of Notre Dame de Nice by a rabid Islamist, the words ‘Allahu Akbar’ spread across the screen.  That was the cry heard made by a knife-wielding attacker that murdered 3 people.  Is this how a sane individual praises God?  Muslims were barbarians with knives and swords in the 7th century; they remain so today. 

The caveat is to maintain your borders, keep the culturally incompatible, blood thirsty, barbaric, Christian-Jew-infidel-freedom-loathing brain-washed Muslim from entering free societies and imposing their inhuman will and practices on peace-loving innocents.  

As I write this (11/2/2020) there was news of a shooting in Vienna. “At least three people were injured and some may have died in an armed attack on a synagogue in the Austrian capital, Vienna, on Monday night that authorities are treating as terrorism, police and government officials said….Footage circulating on social media showed a man wearing a black balaclava and shooting a long gun while running down a street in what appeared to be the vicinity of the synagogue.” 

PC Cultures

Citizens in France, in the United Kingdom, in other prominent European Nations express concern for the liberal left excessive political correctness and their apparent ignorance of history and reality that has allowed and permitted extremist Islam, and the adherents, into their midst. Robert Spencer,, has written, “The Qur’an explicitly says that Allah will punish people by the hands of the believers: ‘Fight them; Allah will punish them by your hands and will disgrace them and give you victory over them and satisfy the breasts of a believing people, and remove the fury in the believers’ hearts.’ (9:14-15) Thus (Canadian Imam Younus) Kathrada may be issuing a call to action to believers who think it incumbent upon themselves to heed this Qur’anic directive and become instruments of Allah’s wrath.”  This Imam is not alone.

An Islamist would say that reading this Quranic verse and citing the Imam’s incendiary comments is Islamophobic.  Clearly that is not true.  It is just stating the facts. Facts are not hateful nor Islamophobic.  

Speaking Out

Comments posted on various articles about attacks in Europe are interesting.  Here are a few.

  • Leo – “Unfortunately France and the EU will suffer due to open unchecked borders, what  is the point of having consulates with visa processing abroad when anyone can just walk into your country?” 
  • Victoria – “The overlooked answer to these problems is all refugees who cannot assimilate into a free thinking western world society must return to their country from whence they came.  It’s not unreasonable that these refugees miss their own ways of home and resist with fear freedom of thought.  Thoughts of freedom do not exist in a closed mind.”
  • Jose – “France, what used to be a well-educated, law-abiding, prosperous country is now PERMANENTLY ravaged by its OWN indoctrination to the left….daily French life is heavy regulated by ‘Political-Correctness’ in every possible form.  The Mantra ‘IT IS FORBIDDEN TO FORBID.’ (and) of course they constantly put their police and authority down.”
  • Lizzy – “It’s just pathetic that people on the left in the United States do not even look at these statistics and could care less about the freedom of others and are not concerned about their fellow American’s well being!!”
  • Alex – “All of Islam is incompatible with human rights, muhumadum was a 45 year old 6th century false prophet that had relations with a 9 year old girl, he was jealous of the Christian and Jewish religion, he narrated/plagiarized the Bible and from his actions served Satan.  Read the Koran objectively and it becomes apparent quickly he was mentally unwell.”
  • Bill – “The more governments go to disarm their people the more they help criminals murder the innocent.”
  • Gam – “Islam is incompatible with humanity….”


Curiosity is essential, yet many in the media today lack it.  The same for liberals.  They are not educated in history, neither of their own country, their religion nor their culture.  This lack leads to a want for materialism in itself, not enlightenment.  

Education is filled with liberal thinking, educators and ideas, the result being those that graduate are indoctrinated, brainwashed, with the ideals of communes and societies that care for each other in uniting in a call for ‘equal outcomes’; a theme, an impossible theme, however.  Equal opportunity cannot produce equal outcomes.  

Those that are motivated, they need not be the most intelligent, may well find enjoyment in their success, to the point that sharing equally, bringing A grades down to B- grades, with C grades up to B- grades, to be ‘fair’ and ‘equal,’ is not to their liking. They want to do better and make a better life for themselves.  They prefer the enjoyment of their success, as by nature, we are all competitive.  When I say better, it is simply a better life that they cannot conceive of in a society that is all the same, all grey, or white or black.They want the rainbow.  They want stripes and vibrant explosive brilliance for themselves. That is what drives them, incentivizes them to be better. 

Prejudices exist.  I do not mean racism. As such not everything has to be acceptable.  Thus Islam need not be acceptable.   Do not allow censorship curb your curiosity, not when it comes to Islam. 


So, when a crime is committed by a Muslim, yelling ‘Allahu Akbar,’ committing a barbaric terrorist act in the name of Islam, call it what it is. It is terrorism. A great God does not call for their people to murder in his name.  That takes us to the topic of Islamophobia.

Caveat Emptor

Do not be fooled.  That which is referred to as ‘Islamophobia’ is simply valid criticism of Islam.  And when it is objective criticism it cannot be viewed as hatred.  Just reading verses of the Quran that suggest killing, fighting non-Muslims, as a call to action, jihad, is not an attack on Islam.  It is truth.  It is factual.  The globalists cannot wish Islam to be peaceful when it is not, and has proven itself not to be.  Take the steps necessary to close borders, curb migration, from terror-producing areas.  This is intelligent action.  It is the action that Trump has proposed. 

Those that look at Islamophobia and refer to it as Islamic racism, are more like Islamophobia-phobics.  It is political steps taken by Islamists to paint a picture of Islam other that what it is.  It is a picture that can never hide the death, destruction, barbaric practices, the beheading, the immolation and the killing of infidels that is the true representation of this Satan-like, demonic, practice.  It is not a religion.  It is an ideology of control, totalitarian interests, autocracy, manmade laws, punishment of dissenters, oppression, unequal rights and madness.  The Islamist sees a picture of Islam that covers the underlaying reality, as great gravy on bad meat, the true and original canvas born in Medina and spread rapidly after Muhammad’s murder. It is all  lies. 

The recent terrorist acts, it is suggested, were prompted by Charlie Hebdo reprinting the Muhammad cartoons and a tribute to the magazine’s employees who were killed in an Islamist terrorist attack on January 7, 2015. 

Islam is evil.  So beware.   

Grace and Peace

by Thomas W. Balderston

Author of The Damascus Quran, available on Kindle (Amazon).  Other books also.

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