Church and Government (2 of 3)

UI – Part 410 – Church and Government (2 of 3)


What does the Church Mean to the Government?

The Public School Dilemma for Parents

Insulating children from parents and the lifeline of the church is what public schools seem to be doing; so too public colleges and universities. They are a component of the system as the bulk of the funding they receive is provided by the system. In such institutions the teachers have become a majority liberal left leaning. Religious teaching has wained in the public sphere of influence. Home is where learning about Jesus must occur, or in a private school that costs more than many parents who want their children to learn about God can afford, especially when local property taxes are already paying for an education. At the Federal level the Department of Education monitors and imposes the will of the system on curriculum.  Viewed by the system the faith oriented parent has yet to be a victim. They find themselves more sidelined and unable to have their kids taught the lifeline values they prefer.  It has become a requirement to teach at home, or seek outside church schools, weekend or evening religious education, and group studies, outside the public sphere, to instill in children an understanding of biblical moral and ethical values many of which are at odds with the liberal-partisan desires.

Our children must know the debate between God or no-God, a supreme being as creator, or the existence of earth and its critical life support elements by happenstance, science verses religion, continues.  The earth is an amazingly beautiful place; a human realm. God created it and the humans in it, giving them the ability to choose.  Right and wrong is the choice.  Included in said selection is the capacity to reject God.   Both sides of the debate need to have their facts known, yet the system wants the facts on one side erased to the extent possible so they can eventually represent the majority.  But today in America the majority still believe in God.  My foundation and understanding lies in the book of Genesis, where it is written that God instructed man to ‘subdue’ the earth.  What God created, to include humans, man was then given the responsibility to use and care for properly.  Man was imbued with the intellect no other animal possessed to then cause our world to function and provide for all.  Whatever science achieved it can be credited to God, as the supernatural, for giving man the skills and timing to keep our planet able to provide for all humans. The mind of man is unique, God’s doing, and designed to study, research, explore and understand the world.

I believe people will always believe there is something greater than themselves.  That would be an unknown element, a creator, and thus a Supreme Being. Arrogance is saying you do not need God. As to how the system of governments should work, I am neither a secularist nor one who feels a theocracy is the proper structure. I like freedom.  There is a balance.  However I do see a need today for the church, not the mosque, to have a greater role in the political world.  The voice of those who desire the lifeline must be heard. Sanctions, limitations, on the liberal-left defining laws to suit their partisan constituency are justified.


We have experienced a decline in ethical and virtuous principled values which have altered the sexual morals of this Nation, among other facets of living by more righteous standards.  Efforts to eliminate the doctrines of many religions from being taught continue. The public square, however, is not just for the non-religious.  Ready, prepared, objections to any form of religion involving God on public property has become common.  ‘In God We Trust’ exists as a hurdle that the extreme liberal leftists no longer want to jump, as they do not trust themselves to obey any god except the ‘me’ god they create.  They can deny God exists, as their belief, and have as many doubts and questions as they want.  They have manmade gods and generally manmade gods are not worthy.  Such gods become addictions and the dependent nature of many rises to the surface wanting only what others can provide, will give them, or they can take.  They take by destroying and raiding the private property of hard working people, as with the BLM cabal, or legally by government actions and regulations that put others wealth in their pockets via IRS regulations, executive orders and congressional legislation. Or they pout and prance when others gather, willingly I might add, to pray, such as a football team, a military unit or a classroom.  The opposition can become brutish louts claiming offense at statements, words, representations, counter to their desires, world views and otherworld views.


If minorities are catered to by the left, they must now consider the minority they have created of the white and the conservative religious contingent. They too have become victims; just not useful, more a nuisance.  Currently they are more the target of the derision of the left and useful as a focus for the venom spewed that makes their cause more pronounced.  Opposing the liberal-left preferences is a hindrance to the control they seek and the limits they wish to impose.  They use the church and the conservatives that respect the lifeline the church proffers as justification for the alterations they seek in having a more pagan lifestyle acceptable in society.  Lies and deception are practiced to hide what society as a whole finds problematic.  If discovered the cover-ups become exponential and diversions or candies are packaged to entice the lemmings to come to the voting booth and continue to support the leftists.

Civil Rights

A recent report from the US Commission on Civil Rights, Martin Castro chairman, makes the prevailing view of the liberal left progressives, as Obama and Hillary Clinton, quite clear. They see Christians as supremacists, ignoring their humility, volunteerism and caring attitudes, while they themselves cannot see their elitist reflection in any mirror. The church stands between the citizen and the government, as mediator, protected by the 1st Amendment, which allows for dissenters towards liberal positions and desires. In a WSJ article authored by William McGurn (9/13/2016, A Liberal ‘Gets’ Religion) he says, “those who dissent from the prevailing pieties (of the secular left) are deemed unfit for the public square.” The report ‘trashes’ the 1st civil right.

(To be continued…..)

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One thought on “Church and Government (2 of 3)

  1. Tom, you note, “Efforts to eliminate the doctrines of many religions from being taught continue.” Apparently that movement will grow if Mrs. Clinton has her way. When she gave the keynote address at the 2015 Women in the World Summit, Clinton said, “And deep-seated cultural codes, religious beliefs and structural biases have to be changed.” So much for the First Amendment. I thought the Chief Executive swore to uphold and defend the Constitution?


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