UI – Part 183 – Freedom Hated in Islam

UI – Part 183 – Freedom Hated in Islam

Islam – Freedom

In a world all for Allah freedom will be lacking – in all likelihood non-existent!  It will be hated by the clerics and religious teachers.  Following the tenants of the Quran restrictions would remain as to human rights, especially negative for women, but also for those considered non-believers.  The Laws that apply to men and women would not be equal.   Men have more freedoms, at least more latitude in satisfying their needs and desires. Slavery would continue as called for in Sura 33:50-51.  (…those whom Allah has given thee as prisoners…) and disputes between tribes, clans, scholars and autocrats would remain.  There is no country of the 55 or so Muslim countries today that have demonstrated a love for God not otherwise ordained, imposed, mediated or as taught by autocrats and the ulema that stand at their side to inform the oppressed populace that God is on their side, even if that is an uncertainty to many.

Freedom, as that which emanates from the West, in a republic and democracy, is anathema to Islam.  It suggests an environment where sin abounds.  As Muslims are weak and easily tempted this is not good for believers, according to the teachers and scholars of Islam.  They cannot be so exposed.  The Quran makes men the weakest as even women must be covered to prevent prurient desires, lustful springs to rise forth within the male libido that could cause rape or other lust instilled acts of poor judgment. They blame the female.  Same applies to alcohol and gambling.  The Muslim cannot be trusted to resist, thus removal of temptation is a necessity – freedom outlawed.

Many religious persons find sexual perversions, excess greed, and a selfish lifestyle unGodly, yet they would be wrong to judge others ( judge yourself only); that is the purview of the Supernatural. Too often errors in judgment by fundamentalists cause actions to be taken that are harmful.  In a free society the freedom of religion also allows freedom to make sinful personal decisions that do not invade the rights of others or the common good and remain permissible in civil society, even though not favorable by God’s standards.  The Christian chooses God, lives life for his eternal promise and is guided by the Word.  They are self-motivated to believe, not forced or engendered by fear (by other humans), except that of God’s wrath, and conduct themselves as an example of their commitment to the Lord.  If you give this some thought living in a free society is the ultimate test of faith, obedience towards God and love of neighbor.

Muslim – Idols

Even though Muslims worship one god, Allah, they have other idols. This may be disputed.  The Quran is considered ‘uncreated’ despite documented evidence to the contrary that what is recorded is from recollections of words spoken by Muhammad to Companions. The process of compilation of the Scripture for the Muslim took place after Muhammad’s death with many who may have remembered lost in subsequent civil battles, to include that of Yamama. Thus the Quran is not even a complete document.  Yet as ‘uncreated’ the Muslims are informed to worship these words as divine – so it has become an idol to be worshipped and not questioned.  And to worship this divine book it must all be embraced, not just parts one would prefer.  That includes all 109 verses that are directives to fight.

Another idol is Muhammad himself.  He made that so.  In earlier sections of the Quran, based on when Muhammad received his revelations, followers were instructed to honor Allah.  Later there was an addition, that was to honor Allah and His apostle (that would be Muhammad).  Thus we have the umma of believers in Islam taught to be obedient to 3 idols, the Quran, Muhammad and Allah.  Punishment for not doing so is meted in equal amounts, no less for errors of judgment towards the Holy Book or Muhammad, than towards Allah.

God’s Freedom

Where I differ in my logic is towards God and the freedom he allows all mankind; those who believe.  Am I saying then that Muslims are not free when they believe in Allah?  They are free to believe, but are they free as human beings?  And are they free to believe in a god other than Allah, a prophet other than Muhammad, a Holy Book other than the Quran?  Are they free to believe in Allah, but not Muhammad or the Quran?  Are they free to question the Quran and seek knowledge, understanding and truth as they so desire, applying the gift of intellect God gifted all humans? Are they free to convert to another religion or no religion at all?   If you are a Muslim, please, ask yourself these questions.

The Christian God, if that is what you prefer to call the God to whom I now make reference, has provided freedom.  It is nothing to be afraid of; in fact it is to be cherished.  Understand that the New Testament is just that, New, when placed in connection with the Old Testament.  It is a New Covenant.

The Old Testament was made a historical piece when the New arrived, an important informative history, an instructive element, and a reflection of God’s wrath.  It helps to know God.  Restrictions were imposed, as they are in the Quran, although not as repetitively warlike nor as hell[i] focused. There is so much to be learned and understood from the Old Testament.   The elements to knowing God are present, which is a fact.  There are Laws outlined to remind those who do not believe what must be complied with to demonstrate belief and be acceptable to God.  It was the standard of Works, similar to that of Islam and for the Jews today, which was prescribed.

After Jesus – New

When you enter the realm of the time after the birth of Jesus the mention of war, in the New Testament, is non-existent.  God had a way to set mankind free.  If you believe in what God provides you can be free.  Our sinful nature leads to shame and guilt.  When we err we suffer.  We disobey God.  That necessitates repentance, atonement, sacrifice and God’s forgiveness, which is at His option and is so noted in the Old Testament.  Shame and guilt pushes us away from God.  He wants us to be drawn closer.  With so much sin and shame and guilt, as even the scholars of Islam see in mankind, without God’s provision, we all drift further and further away.  It becomes the secular world, the atheist, the non-believer that feels he can avoid shame and guilt by not accepting the Lord.  They give up on salvation, or consider it simply ‘bunk.’  In the Muslim world their means of avoidance is total control of the mind and body of humans.  It is dictatorial.   Again they avoid the truth and cover themselves with unholy truths, false promises, and a paradox of virtues.

God took on all the punishment any of us needs for our sins, past, present and future.  He saw the need for sacrifice once and for all to settle matters for those with a heart for God.  God never seen, his divine presence made known from the womb of the Virgin Mary.  He would fulfill the Laws for those enjoined with Him through this divine offspring.  This is freedom personified.  He wanted us to come Home to Him.  Those lost in their sinful nature, unaware of the Grace possible, were given freedom to return, to come back and be with God. Just open your eyes, if you are in that group.  God had the key to the prison we enter when we sin and as with Peter he set us free from the Cage of our own doubts, confusion, containment, shame and guilt.  He did this by Forgiveness said and done; his Son, the offspring of Mary, Jesus, became our perfect lamb to be sacrificed for all of our guilt or that which could cause guilt and shame.  We must recognize our sinful nature, face up to the fact, even the Muslims; cognizant we are inherently prone to sin, and repent and atone, knowing the price has been paid and forgiveness is guaranteed.  He set us free.  There is JOY in the freedom God has provided for those who know him and live with the indwelling Holy Spirit.

Freedom – Good News

The New of the New Testament is the Good News of our freedom.  The Old remains for reference and an enhanced relationship with God.  We are to be reborn in the Spirit of the Lord who gave us liberty, who gave us life and who gave us freedom.  We choose, as we do when we sin, but it is a personal choice.  If you choose God, you then open your heart, mind and soul to his Word and the offering he provides that is a gateway to his Eternal Kingdom.  There is no more sword. “Instead of man wielding the sword in God’s name, devout men leave the sword in God’s own hands, to be used in His way and in His time,” so writes Don Richardson[ii].  No need for  fighting. There is no more war.  Hell is no more.  The fire remains for those who fail to know Him as the Deliverer; but that need not be so.

Just understand the Truth of what freedom actually means.  Freedom leads to true faithfulness, love actually and an abundance of God’s Blessings.  If you have a longing for eternal pleasures you will discover on your own the freedom you have to realize your dream through the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Do not allow yourself to be destroyed by a lack of knowledge, or limited in what you can learn or know, as you will then have rejected what can be for you, your peers, your loved ones, your family, and your children. With knowledge, exploring your doubts, you may find the enlightenment you seek and with wisdom comes truth.  Thanks be to God we have all been set free.

Grace and Peace.

[i] There are 783 Hell-threats in the Koran, as noted by Don Richardson, Secrets of the Koran – Revealing Insights into Islam’s Holy Book,  Regal Books from  Gospel Light, Ventura, CA, 2003, pg 1090/2248.

[ii] Secrets of the Koran – Revealing Insights into Islam’s Holy Book,  by Don Richardson, Regal Books from  Gospel Light, Ventura, CA, 2003, pg 1135/2248.

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