Which Came First – Bible or Quran?

UI – Part 216 – Which Came First – Bible or Quran?

Chicken or Egg

This is not a chicken or egg question. It is a Bible or Quran question.

Many Islamic scholars are teaching the Quran was ‘uncreated’.  What does that imply? As God is uncreated so too they are claiming, attempting to convince all Muslims, all humans, the Quran is ‘uncreated’. So God sat around the day he created the universe with the Quran in his lap saying this book will guide the human inhabitants I place on earth.  I do not believe that.

Inspired Word of God

Biblical scholars do not proclaim the Bible as ‘uncreated’. The Bible is ‘inspired’, the infallibly Inspired Word of God.  It was written by humans whose hands were guided by the supernatural, whose record provides for everyone a pathway to live life and ascend to the eternal kingdom of peace which God has prepared.  There is nothing in that record that misguides those who seek answers to ‘what is truth’.

Written by Mortals

Similarly the Quran was written be men.  Words from Allah via the angel Gabriel were recited by Muhammad, as Muslims claim and Hadiths support (although first on the scene over 150 years after Muhammad died, and scholar dependent as to which Hadiths are used), yet many who recalled what Muhammad said, the Companions, died and their recall was not recorded, thus the Quran is not complete.  Why would God create anything incomplete?  Also its compilation came subsequent to Muhammad’s death and included views by successors, Caliphs, who began the process of transcribing their Laws into the document.  If there was inspiration it was human, mortal, not divine.  It was and remains a reflection of Muhammad and the imperialists that continued after his unexpected death.

In comparing the two scriptures it is obvious the Quran cannot stand alone.  It has a basis. It is also incomplete. The basis for the Quran, its foundation is the Bible, which the Quran then, as per the ulema, the Islamist scholars and Muhammad, aver, is the ‘corrected’ version.  Corrected by men who prefered the direction of their choosing.

Once the egg is laid how can it then be corrected? Or is the history of the Quran the story of the Bad Egg?


Was there more than one Creator?  I say no, it was only God.  And God then as Creator, created everything.  Our universe, our earth, our humanness, and all that surrounds, the mountains, sea and plains, was created by the Creator.  And in that vein the Quran cannot be but a created document.  Otherwise it would be equal to God, or for the Muslim, Allah.

Original Sin

Muslims say there is no concept of Original Sin.  They are born sin free.  Their Garden of Eden story does not reflect a change in the nature of man, yet Adam was disobedient towards God’s directives and cast out of the Garden.  Was there no blemish as a result?

Many, if not most, Muslims suggest everyone is born a Muslim.  They are changed in their belief by their parents, Christian or Jew, and are represented as apostates of Islam.  But then Muhammad suggested they can convert to Islam.  Suggesting also they are sinners, and can have their sins forgiven by converting. Conversion:  if you convert to Islam all your sins are forgiven, then a measure of works becomes the determinate for salvation.  A rather superior view. I’d say.

Muslims do recognize a sinful nature in man, and call for forgiveness.  What they dismiss is God’s Plan, from the day of creation, for Christ to live among us and provide for our forgiveness and salvation.

Good Deeds

As an aside the following describes in part how good deeds, or works, benefit a Muslim.  This is according to Muslim or Quranic standards.  If someone intends to do a good deed but does not do it, a good deed will be recorded for him.  And if he does do it, (a reward of) ten to seven hundred or many more times (the reward of the good deed), will be recorded for him.  And if someone intends to do a bad deed but does not do it, a good deed will be recorded for him.  And if he does do it, a bad deed will be recorded against him or God will wipe it out  (from Hadiths that claim Muhammad announced such measures).  The analogy for me is Green Stamps[i].[ii]  From the good works your stamp collection grows, receiving more stamps when you actually do good, just one for good thoughts.  And the bad deeds, the stamps are removed one for one, unless you only think them (bad thoughts) and do not proceed, then there is an added Stamp.

Bible As Truth

Taken from the Blog (Understanding Islam – Part 9) posted Jan 11, 2011[iii]:

Bible as Truth Revealed in Qur’an

In reading the Qur’an as early as Chapter 3 it affirms Allah is all knowing, the best at knowing even, and upon whom all Muslim’s depend.  Then it states, “He”, referring to Allah, “has revealed to thee the Book,” referring to the Bible, “with truth, verifying that which is before it,” reaffirming the truth in Biblical history, “and He revealed the Torah and the Gospel.”  That says much about the Bible. So why then, after this, does the Qur’an go on to suggest Allah speaking through the Messenger (Muhammad) makes alterations to the Bible, especially with reference to Christ and Ishmael, suggesting the Qur’an is the corrected copy, the final word?

Earlier, in Sura 2:75, the Qur’an suggests the men writing the Bible knowingly altered the words of Allah “after they understood it”, and confirms that the hands of men did this.  “Woe, then to those who write the Book (the Bible) with their hands then say, this is from Allah….” (Sura 2.79)  Now this may be a condemnation of humans, and indeed the Messenger (use of the capital “M” denoted the Prophet Muhammad in the Qur’an) was human, thus can one argue that Muhammad, who as all mankind a sinner, imparted personal desires in his recitations?  His deviation from the Bible marks him as knowing the Bible, but possibly either repeating Biblical stories as best he could recall (as being illiterate he could not read) and flavoring his recitations with the life he would want for himself and other Arabs associated with him.  I will give him his preference for a monotheistic religion, its unifying benefits, but caution all who read the Qur’an of the fearful defense he suggests against those that might object to his message.  Is Islam and the Qur’an Muhammad’s own religion and book of retaliation? And as to unification, certainly destruction of those of other faiths is not unifying.

Going back in time to creation and having the Quran equally as uncreated as God becomes a dilemma for me. Even Allah refers to the Bible, as does Muhammad as he is the Messenger.  The Bible never refers to the Quran, even when so many of the Prophets of the Old Testament (‘messengers’ themselves) revealed the future.  God spoke to the Prophets, inspired them and guided them.  It was recorded.  History supports their presence on earth. Events occurred that substantiated their forecasts.  Muhammad never appeared in their revelations (although Muslims scholars attempt to provide a few examples – one being Muhammad came after Jesus, not the Holy Spirit.) God was the First Cause.  Nothing came before or contemporaneously, certainly no Scripture – Quran. See also: UI – Part 194 – Quran The Book.[iv]  In that Blog I note:

Sura 10.37, “And this Quran is not such as could be forged by those besides Allah, but it is a verification of that which is before it and a clear explanation of the Book, there is no doubt in it, from the Lord of the worlds.”

What is important to notice in the last reference is the usage of the term ‘verification’, saying what Muhammad was sharing was confirmation of the Bible.

Bible or Quran

Thus the questions is which came first – The Quran or the Bible.  Well we know God came first.  After that I contend it was the Bible, with so many other events transpiring recorded so we could know God (inspired).  There have been many gospels, scripture for followers of ideologies.  They are not the Bible.  The Quran first arrived on earth sometime after Muhammad’s death in 632.  The 3rd Caliph, Uthman, took charge in the creation of this book, eliminating any other drafts with which he did not agree.  Men created the Quran.

You need to decide for yourself.  Be Independent, it is our nature, and make your own discoveries.  Let your enlightenment be the Light of God.  There are many scholars and leaders in the world that are false in their teaching and requirements, only to achieve their objectives, not God’s.

Grace and Peace.

[ii]  As I read the Quran the thought of ‘Green Stamps’ came to mind.  For good works there are available so many Green Stamps.  Depending on the goodness of the work, there are greater or fewer Green Stamps possible.  The non-good works though take away Stamps.  There are Stamps for memorizing the Quran – the more you memorize the more Stamps.  Same for prayer – honor the 5 calls each day and the Stamp pile grows.  Zakat – give money – receive Green Stamps.  Fighting in the cause of Allah (Jihad) – lots of Stamps, dying for Allah – many more Stamps.  To fight only needs a specter of persecution, which this writing alone might be considered.  For those that ‘believe’ keep their duty to Allah and believe in Muhammad, there are double Stamps plus a flashlight (from Sura 57:28).   I hope I am not viewed as persecuting Islam as I am only trying to clarify doubt that can arise in reading the Quran and coming to terms with the requirements of Islam.  Returning to the Stamps, they would then, in this depiction, be placed on a scale, a balance.  However, even if one side of the scale is heavily weighted with Green Stamps, clearly favoring the beneficiary of those Stamps, ‘mercy’ remains with Allah.  The final decision is Allah’s alone indicates insecurity for Muslims as there is no Assurance of Salvation.  From Sura 14:4 – “Allah leaves in error whom He pleases and He guides whom He pleases.  And He is the Mighty, the Wise.”

106 thoughts on “Which Came First – Bible or Quran?

  1. I found that the ideas expressed in this article were highly interesting and thorough, but there is one point of contention that I have with a claim made by the article. As was stated in the article, there was no “original sin” described in the Qur’an in reference to the creation of man. However, Surah Al-Baqarah 2:36-37 proposes that after Adam and his wife were allowed to eat freely in the garden, “Satan made them slip, and removed them from the state that they were in.” and as a result, “Adam received some words from his Lord and He accepted his repentance…” (Abdel Haleem translation). Although one could contend that Adam himself did not sin because Satan was the said cause, the fact that Adam had to accept his repentance demonstrates that there was some original sin committed in the garden by Adam and/or Eve, which necessitated the acceptance of repentance on Adam’s part. Afterall, if Satan had committed the original sin by causing Adam and Eve to slip, it is questionable as to why he did not accept his repentance instead. Thoughts?


  2. Its so obvious your life is vacant and you need to look at contentious beliefs in order to satisfy your own insecurities! I’m so sorry for you. Please look out into the natural world, perhaps think less about the need to believe in past religious politics and just give a big smile to the person who sells you your next pint of milk!

    Don’t forget to vote!

    Stay Glad xx


    1. Are you saying you are an atheist? Am I not permitted in your universe to believe in our creator? Are you constrained in your thinking to what you only see, not what others see? Do you lack objectivity? Is there no eternity in your view? There is much to be thankful for everyday. Much to add each day to one’s gratitude journal. You make ready judgments with little facts. I look into the natural world every day it is beautiful. The beauty I see may be different, but it seems you sense too there are wonders to embrace. For me that is God’s hand, on your shoulder and mine. Blessings to you too. I have much to be thankful for, and give the glory to the Lord. To whom do you glorify – Mother Nature?


    2. God’s Lottery Ticket
      by ThomasB

      God’s Lottery Ticket

      What God Has Provided

      God has provided a winning lottery ticket for every human being. Think about that. The lottery of life is the answer to the question, “what happens next?” The winning ticket provides the answer and the guarantee that it is yours. All the hope and joy you can possibly endure is yours. All that is necessary is to open the ticket and declare you’ve won.

      The gift from God for many, unfortunately, is a conceptual dilemma. There is no deal to be made. There is no Dante with whom to trade your soul. Dante, the devil and many forms of this Satan, fill the voids, the crevasses, and the pits of humans hearts, souls and minds, clogging veins and with carotid artery like substances restrict flow to the brain engendering resistance, denial, and an inability to accept the winning lottery ticket, the gift. Nothing you can do will alter the opportunity to accept the gift except other than your own rejection for reasons that only you can justify. Why would anyone say no to God’s gift? There is nothing you need to do to earn this ticket. God says, “here, look at what has been done for you!” Just accept it. When you do, know this, your life will change. That is the way it works.

      Allah does not offer this gift. Muslims have no ticket to open.

      Ahura Mazda does not offer this gift. Zoroaster does suggest people seek Asha (truth).

      Buddhism encompasses thinking, meditation, with a focus on the cultivation of wisdom, loving-kindness and compassion. It guides its adherents to consider suffering in this life and its ongoing existence in the lives of future generations, the endless repetition of suffering due to rebirth. Being an ascetic can pave the way to enlightenment, an awareness and acceptance of the human condition, alone and separate from reality. Yet a ‘being’ made aware through extreme self-discipline is not the gift, it is an attempt at earning, by doing, a peaceful life absent the distortion of hatred, violence, and debate.

      The Hindu’s have no god, but suggest the Sanatana Dharma, “the eternal tradition,” or the “eternal way,” beyond human history. It is a way of life, and nothing more. It is tolerant and accepting of other beliefs. God’s gift provides the eternal life. When Hindu’s meditate they consider what is good and peaceful. They seek liberation from this earthy existence. Atman, the eternal soul of every human, and Brahman, the supreme spirit, coexist and live in all that surrounds – pantheistic.

      From the various ideologies or religions noted you may surmise that the gift, the lottery ticket, is offered by God, the God of the Bible, the Word of God, and not by others. Are the others in denial? Have the others been led by charismatic thinkers to shape their own consideration of destiny? Or have followers been coerced, born into, culturally conditioned, and restrained from using their intellect to consider alternatives.

      The God of the Bible makes the gift available. There is no pressure to accept. There is no force to convert or take the gift. There is, however, a request of those who do believe to share, share the opportunity and the benefit the gift offers.

      Allah of the Quran is a domineering sort. The expectation is that once a follower, a Muslim, always a follower. There is no avenue to consider to pursue an alternative, unless those born into Islam or having converted, coerced to do so or voluntarily, want to face the punishment of death. The adherents are made aware of death for apostasy daily. If God is being considered then the call from the tenets of Islam is to condemn the individual that strays, deny the truth, and remain as a Muslim, or else. The Islamist sees themselves as eligible Allah surrogates when it comes to punishment for disobedience. Allah’s wrath is theirs to deliver. No gift.

      Ahura Mazda (AM) of the Zoroastrians have at the core many of the concepts that are part of Christianity, Judaism, Hindu and Buddhism. AM is the creator and lord of the universe. The ahuras (many gods) are divine entities. There are gods whose qualities are what is good, moral, righteous, and purposeful. Truth is important, inherent truth as imparted by their gods, more than man’s truth. To enter the eternal life a bridge is crossed and deeds are measured, the journey of the good souls are pleasant and the sinful souls unpleasant, while the routing towards heaven or hell depends on the character of the soul. Thus the gift is not given, but earned. Wrong gods, prophets, are not to be honored or followed. That is similar to cult worship or mysticism. Many rituals practiced are practiced by Jews and Muslims, such as bathing before entering a house of worship.

      Buddha’s consideration of the soul and peaceful coexistence does not seek to coerce or convince. It is a method, a way to live in harmony with others. There is no god to be obeyed. It is Buddha whose mantras, as prayers, ‘oms,’ decry the wrong and seek the right, call for compassion, wisdom, a loving-nature, inner peace and more.

      The Hindu’s view of all that surrounds as the supernatural’s presence satisfies the concept of god’s omnipresence. It indirectly sees creation as a daily event, with god present in everything, always and at all times. Yet it does not accept God as the bearer of the Gift for an life eternal.

      God’s Gift

      Thus the lottery ticket given, not earned, is from God. The biblical God through the Word provides the story, the plan, the program for humans from creation, to humans made in God’s image, free will, and man’s nature to disobey God. Man’s nature to rebel and disobey, even God, became a stain on all of us, causing physical death, spiritual death and eternal death. All humans are separated from God. God could have destroyed all he created. He still can. But he chose to correct the flaw and make humans, who accept the gift, right anew with God. As only God can do, he came to earth, revealed himself in the form of man, lived as no man could, a perfect life, without sin, but was condemned to die by leaders who feared the loss of their power, their status and their control. He became the example and there were witnesses to prove what he did, and confirm what he said. This truth was made known to those who knew him and who know him, as the Word is God. As Adam was man who became sin for all mankind, Christ was made man to take on the burden of sin and provide forgiveness for all mankind. “For as in Adam all die (physically, spiritually, eternally), so in Christ all will be made alive (restored, reborn in the spirit, spiritually and eternally)” (1 Corinthians 15:22). The cross became the method, crucifixion, to kill Jesus, God incarnate, and when the man-God died he proclaimed, “it is finished!” But as forecast in the bible by prophets and by Jesus too, after three days in a tomb, the divine-God rose, overcoming both sin and death, to have righteousness restored in those who believe in this sacrifice.

      “Christ died for our sins according to the Scriptures, that he was buried, that he was raised on the third day according to the Scriptures” (Corinthians 15:3-4).

      That is the gift. Christ died for our sins, we are forgiven and assured, through God’s spirit indwelling in those who accept Christ, accept God, of a life eternal. We are put in a position to have purpose, obeying God, filled with the joy and hope of a life with God, and relieved of the condition of sin inherent in us all. We may still sin, but once reborn we strive to be like Christ, already forgiven of the sin but atoning nevertheless. God’s earthly example is the template. Followers of Christ are called upon to share their new self with others. Those who believe are filled with God’s love; they love God.

      It remains that God loves all mankind. “Love comes from God” (1 John 4:7). His creation is good, but the will of man made free opens the soul to the Father of Lies, Satan, to provide pleasures, candies and temptations that are difficult to resist. It is a trial each time a human is tempted with the devil’s devices and the deceit that comes with them. There is no joy in what Satan offers. Satan is diligent in his efforts, his lying, to blind as many as possible, to keep them in the dark, to chain them, shackle them, so God’s light, the truth, does not fall on them.

      There is joy in the gift; and it is free. It requires nothing on the part of the taker. God stands at the doorway, the lottery ticket, the gift, in hand. His lamp is always on. He never condemns those living who wish not to partake, he loves them, and is prepared to welcome them home. All prodigal children are welcome, they will be forgiven, and the festivities will be continuous. When the gift is properly accepted and understood changes will overwhelm the lottery winner. They will be made aware and know too that they know God. No one need steal, kill, or commit acts of violence to receive salvation from God. That is what the lottery ticket provides – salvation. If everyone in the world accepted God’s gift, honestly, there would be peace. No one stands in the way of God’s gift being received, accept possibly the beneficiary themselves. Those who accept Christ, the grace of God, the forgiveness of sins, will stand in the house of the Lord. Know this, “No one who practices deceit will dwell in my house, no one who speaks falsely will stand in my house” (Psalm 101J:7).

      Accept the gift and you will stand in the morning, you will stand in the evening, and you will stand on the mountain tops praising the Lord, in the presence of the Lord, thankful, reborn, with hope and joy on earth as in heaven.

      “May the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you all” (2 Corinthians 13:14).

      Grace and Peace


  3. This noob muslim doesn’t understand anything they like war,violent,killing . Suit that to your self before asking who really are good God .

    Your book all fake words comes from people childlish mind,bible is true all facts in history accurate.

    The first oldest book ever found is gutenberg bible so why did they write it to ruin people’s mind about false gods of muslim .

    The bible should be the first in history than other false books.

    There are history of moses and other in youtube the RON WYATT family will prove that search there name all true than quran no ****ing history just all words of ignorant **it mind .

    Also you can search ALBERTO book to proove to yourself.
    Happening to worlds greatest lies..

    Dr.rivera alberto


    1. Read the quran before u comment. bc u obviuosly no nothing about it. And how old are you to use the word “Noob”?


  4. The basic purpose of such debate shouldn’t be to show superiority of God’s in order to perpetuate hatred. Topics must be open to debates as much as possible. To suggest that such debate shouldn’t hold is to be ignorant to reality. And we would leave our lives in falsehood for truth is necessary. Through this we shun dogmatism and gradually truth is revealed. But I encourage that we debate peacefully as everyone can contribute their knowledge, learn and be corrected peacefully. Lack of understanding of one another’s religion is itself a threat to peace. This does not only concerns religion but barbaric practices even within our religion,science and so on.
    Such debates shouldn’t form the basis of what you should believe but instead propel you to be inquisitive about what you have believed.


  5. Hate and discrimination are endemic in the religious mindset. The moment you say that your god is the only God you begin to put down others,create animosity and hate in your thoughts,these discriminatory thoughts go against any religious belief,be it Islam or Christianity! Why do we need to feel superior to each other? Why don’t we follow our religion’s teachings and live decent lives with mutual respect for each other,that’s what honoring god sounds like to me.


  6. “But though we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel unto you than that which we have preached unto you, let him be accursed.”

    Angel Gabriel preaching a different gospel?


  7. Well I’m just reading this with a smiling face. You are still lack of Islamic knowledge and I can only see you only guessing after every question you pointed out
    If you are studying Quran, find the most qualified person to talk and teach you about it (Sunni Islam Ulama’)


    1. Well, you had the opportunity to provide your facts, the Islamic knowledge to which you refer, but remain just a critic. If you cannot provide clarity you are without knowledge of Islam yourself. You thus accept my truth, remaining as just one who complains. Come on, provide readers with the truth to which you refer!


    1. Are you suggesting all religions, all Gods, are the same? Are you a Unitarian. Many would not agree. The debate is God of the Bible, the creator, man in His image, saved by Grace, the sacrifice of Christ risen for the sins of man, witnessed, recorded historically, with significant architectural evidence, OR Allah, never seen, refelected by the example of the militant Muhammad, with followers condemned to die should they become an atheist or chose an alternative path, OR …. where are you coming from?


  8. I have read so many replies & responses regarding Christianity V Islam. Words spoken here only disrespects each other’s beliefs and cause rifts, on here it is only with words but on a larger scale it’s causing strife killings on a daily basis, I am not here to condemn any religion or belief system. Maybe the biggest ever conspiracy here is that religion in all shapes and forms is the conspiracy. It is one of the largest tools of divide & conquer, the only tool we need in this reality is LOVE not FEAR then this would be the HEAVEN on EARTH the place talked about in many books. This is a beautiful place, its the people in it that has made it HELL on earth, more so those who programme the sheep. but most of all we don’t know who we are. We just don’t get it do we? The biggest conspiracy here is looking to be saved, not realising it’s really about saving ourselves. I don’t doubt there was a prophet Mohammed PBUH, or Jesus and from what I have read & understood fundamentally both came with messages of peace & love. For Mohammed to be labelled a Paedophile on here is just so disrespectful & in- sighting hate, however Muslim’s also have the choice of how they react this is a fractal universe & what is happening here in this forum is also happening on a larger scale, hating & killing each other for our beliefs like in the play ground, but much bigger now. It’s ‘my GOD is better than your God’ how can we not use our understanding now to comprehend the thinking & reasoning of what happened 100’s/1000’s of years ago is not conducive to try and make sense of it in the here & now. These arguments will go on far beyond my life time & yours. Maybe 1 day humanity will see that the only judge is ourselves and that we don’t need religion to save us we need to save ourselves and understanding that we are all one CONSCIOUSNESS. This would be a start & if we all taught our children this, it would be a start to a loving peaceful place. Peace & Love to you all


  9. The most important question is what is the truth? For everyone both muslims and christians and pagans and jews . In short everyone what is the truth. Let me say this i have noticed that in life there are two things always… God, Satan ; good and evil; patience and impatience; light and darkness; truth and lies; health and sickness; beginning and end etc. So question is, which do you choose? How do you attain your choice? How do you prove your choice? So people choose truth. The truth can never argue with itself. Choose wisely today so your end wont be bad. So instead of criticizing religions, search deligently for the right way and lead others rightfully. I believe God will want us to end well and those who seek him deligently will find him. Be well guided while you still have the time. I believe God gives us equal chances.


  10. I read the first 3 paragraphs about what you said about islam and its simply untrue. very fascinating to see that someone can produce so much misleading and false statements about a subject.


  11. Like we Christians want to know the truth so we read both the Qur’an and Bible, and we concluded that the is the most accurate book on earth,that’s why we ve chosen our way freely not by force likewise Muslim should dare grant that they can read the Bible in any Muslim land and let’s see if Muslim will stand the test of time, they will all convert to the most peaceful family. Muslims wake up for your right!!


  12. John 3:16
    God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that who so ever believe in me shall not Parrish but have everlasting life.


  13. Jesus is the way, the truth, and the light. please find wisdom and knowledge before spotting something out because it becomes sin when you says the wrong thing. if Quran can say in (Quran 10:37) Jesus is the spirit of God who are you to say is not God. you spirit is you. who will you say your quran is contradicting? no is you guys that lack the interpretation of the quran.may God grant you wisdom


  14. The one who follows Jesus Christ’s footsteps follow the eternal life and the one who follows Muhammad’s footsteps follow the sword,war,adultely.Muhammad was a killer.


    1. “Muhammad was a killer” Muhammad was everthing but a killer. He saved lives and helped them. He was the most giving human being to ever live.


  15. Wow! Look at the creation of life,it is no accident no alien its supernatural, God has to be the only answer. Look at every part of your body and how it works! The blood,skin,eyes ears nose and so on and so on! Wake up people Jesus is alive and coming back soon. Get to know him now before its to late!


  16. Although I agree with you about the Quran being second to the bible. I do not agree with you regarding Jesus is God the Father. What some Trinitarians have is Tunnel Vison, meaning that just focus on Jesus and not what he truly say.
    Those who believe in the Trinity do not think logically, please do not take that as a insult.
    1.For example: Jesus said in Mark 13:32 :No one knows the day nor the hour, neither the Son (Jesus) nor the angels, but only the Father (God Almighty). Please think Logically.
    2.IF Jesus is Truly God in the flesh, the how come only the Father knows the day and the hour? Now remember Jesus said he didn’t know. If Jesus does not know (Like myself) then how can he be God Almighty?
    3.”A revelation by Christ, which God (The Father) gave him.” Revelation 1:1
    4.IF Jesus is God the Father, then how come Jesus is given the scroll? IF Jesus is the Son, the Father, and the holy spirit, as the Trinity teaches. Then no one should be giving Jesus the Revelation.
    5.Why did Jesus Call God the Father, his God? John 20:17 There is no Scripture in the whole bible where God the Father, calls Jesus his God!
    6.”Me and the Father are one.’ Jesus did not say they are the Same, we know that because if you Trinitarians would continue to read to verse 36, it will tell you what Jesus meant in verse 30.
    7.’Me and the Father are one’, means according to Jesus in verse 36: “I am Gods Son”.
    8.’All scripture is inspired of God.” 2 Tim 3:16 Not just the ones you believe to support your idea of the Trinity, which is a belief, not scriptural.


  17. iam a christian and you forgot one thing that is:
    jesus’s truest father is lord jehovah not allah.learn about total about jehovah and his names in net and write it again.


  18. Muhammed was no prophet. Only Hebrew Israelites can be prophets. The Most High reveals his secrets only to his chosen people (Israel). If Muhammed was a prophet? What did he prophecy about? There is not a single prophecy in the Quran. The Quran is pure fiction.


  19. <<>>
    Read to the End to find out the Truth.

    (2:79) Woe, therefore, to those who write the Scripture with their own hands and then say, ‘This is from Allah.’ They do so that they may thereby acquire some paltry gains. Woe to them for what their hands have written (to give them out as Word of God). Again (We say), woe to them for what they do (of evil deed).

    (2:101) And (now) when a great Messenger (Muhammad) has come to them from Allâh confirming that (Scripture) which is with them, a party of those who were given the Scripture cast away the Book of Allah behind their backs, as if they know (it) not.

    The Spiritual blinded Arabs believe that Quran was speaking about the Holy Bible (Scripture) in 2:79, so they (Arabs) instructed the Muslims not to read the Bible.
    Resulting in Saudi Arabia outlawed the use of (Bible) in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
    Then if we look at 2:101, it will look like as if the evidence is clear that Quran contradicted itself, this is only because (Africa) Muslims believe the Arabs interpretation of Quran without read it by themselves.

    This conclusion is not right, simply because 2:79 was prophesying the coming of Islamic scriptures (books) written by the hands of men (Arabs) and said it was from God.
    We can scientifically prove this prophecy by observation.
    (The great Woe that will befall on those who wrote scriptures with their hands, which is happening right now in Arabs World).

    To conclude this claim, we put it to you that it was only Holy Bible and the Quran the prophet of Islam (Muhammad) confirmed to be words of God.

    (Quran 2:97) Say, ‘He who is an enemy to Angel Gabriel, because it is he who has brought down this (Quran) on your heart by the command of Allâh, and which confirms (the Scriptures~Bible) which preceded it, and is a guidance and good tidings to the believers.

    Now the choice is yours.
    To keep on believing in the falsehood of those (Arabs) who pursued the first Arabs God believers (Muslims) from Mecca upto Ethiopia to kill them for believing in One God, and in the Holy Bible before the Quran was written.
    Or believe in the prophet who confirmed the Scripture (Bible) to be words of Allah.



  20. I can’t say I agree with you…I just looked up who Krishna was said to be out of curiosity. There are a lot more differences than similarities (that aren’t particularly accurate). Not trying to be disrepectful or rude, it’s just that there was a lot that was left out when describing Krishna starting with the supposed date of birth.
    Stay blessed!


  21. Christ is Krishna – proved!

    Krishna came 2000 years before so called Christ/Kristos and there is solid proof he existed not in just books! for so called copycatted Christians there is no proof except bible which is in itself is a collection of stories which contradict each other

    Christ and Krishna’s mothers were holy virgins [Krishna was conceived via an immaculate, miraculous or sexless conception. The Srimad Bhagavatam (10.3.17) also says: “You never entered the womb of Devaki; rather, You existed there already.]
    Yeshua and Krishna were called both a God and the Son of God.
    Both was sent from heaven to earth in the form of a man.
    Both were called Savior, and the second person of the Trinity. Christ is often depicted as a shepherd; Krishna was a cowherd
    His adoptive human father was a carpenter.
    A spirit or ghost was their actual father.
    Krishna and Jesus were of royal descent.
    Both were visited at birth by wise men and shepherds, guided by a star.
    Angels in both cases issued a warning that the local dictator planned to kill the baby and had issued a decree for his assassination. The parents fled. Mary and Joseph stayed in Muturea; Krishna’s parents stayed in Mathura.
    Both Yeshua and Krishna withdrew to the wilderness as adults, and fasted.
    Both were identified as “the seed of the woman bruising the serpent’s head.”
    Jesus was called “the lion of the tribe of Judah.” Krishna was called “the lion of the tribe of Saki.”
    Both claimed: “I am the Resurrection.”
    Both referred to themselves having existed before their birth on earth.
    Both were “without sin.”
    Both were god-men: being considered both human and divine.
    They were both considered omniscient, omnipotent, and omnipresent.
    Both performed many miracles, including the healing of disease. One of the first miracles that both performed was to make a leper whole. Each cured “all manner of diseases.”
    Both cast out indwelling demons, and raised the dead.
    Both selected disciples to spread his teachings.
    Both were meek, and merciful. Both were criticized for associating with sinners.
    Both encountered a Gentile woman at a well.
    Both celebrated a last supper. Both forgave his enemies.
    Both descended into Hell, and were resurrected. Many people witnessed their ascensions into heaven.

    In the Christian Scriptures (New Testament) Yeshua’s crucifixion on a cross or stake is often referred to as being “hung on a tree”

    Acts 5:30: “The God of our fathers raised up Jesus…hanging him on a tree.
    Acts 10:39: “…hanging him on a tree.”
    Acts 13:29: “…they took him down from the tree…”
    Galatians 3:13: “Christ redeemed us from the curse of the law, having become a curse for us; for it is written, Cursed is every one that hangeth on a tree.”
    1 Peter 2:24: “…who his own self bare our sins in his body upon the tree…” (All ASV)

    Krishna was said to have been killed by an hunter’s arrow and was literally hung onto a tree but there is an alternative story also, if you go by that then also it is proved that Christ is Krishna/Christ/Kristos . The story of crucifixion just made it look awesome that some guy died for our sins by getting crucified onto a cross. People always like others to die for their own sins..

    In Sanskrit, Month is called ‘Mas/Masa’

    1. Christmas or X-mas is nothing but continuation of Hindu tradition in a different form. Christmas literally means Krishna-Maas or month of Krishna.

    2. The X in X-mas or ‘Dec’ in December refers to number 10. Because if we calculate as per Hindu Calendar which starts in March, December is the10th month. As per English calendar, December is 12th month and hence number 10 in X or Dec does not make any sense.
    December is root of Dashambar meaning tenth part of sky meaning tenth month of the year.

    3. Bell, Book and Candle – the major symbols of Christmas are nothing but reminiscent of Hindu temple where bell is a must, book refers to holy book and candle is equivalent of Deepak or light of Yajna. Bell is derived from Sanskrit word “Bal” meaning strength. Bell is used in temples to provide strength to prayers.

    4. The ancient Vedic custom of applying ash or sandalwood paste to the body is still retained by Christianity in the observance of Ash Wednesday. The so-called “All Soul’s Day” is an exact translation of the Vedic observance of Sarva Pitri Amavasya, the day fixed by tradition for the worship of all deceased ancestors.


    1. I can’t say that I agree with what you mentioned…no disrespect but there are a lot of things missing from the Krishna story. I searched Krishna just out of curiosity and their were a lot of differences between Jesus and the supposed deity of Krishna and his birth, life and death.


    2. Cross (NIV). Bell, Book, Candles man made as symbol. Xmas man made, CHRISTmas is to remember Jesus as our personal Savior not merry go round. Jesus 1st miracle turn h20 to wine but does healing to whom believed by faith. So what if 2000 earlier (some claimed bible collecting of stories or copycat n their books is from…Was Krishna’s Mother a Virgin?

      Because of the Zeitgeist movie, many questions have come up regarding this issue. I have therefore been inspired to create this post. The following constitutes a summary of the case for the Indian god Krishna to have been born of a virgin mother. Each of these points can be expounded upon at length.

      Let me preface this analysis by saying that I am well aware of the orthodox Krishna myth that claims the god’s mother, Devaki, had previously given birth to seven other children. The thesis upon which I am operating – and which I myself did not make up but have come to conclude through logical assessment – is that in the Krishna tale we are not talking about real people but about myths. In the world of mythology, gods and goddesses can have a number of children and still be considered “chaste” or “virginal.” It is this thesis that I am demonstrating here. Indian Hindu scholars themselves cite primary sources such as the Mahabharata, Bahvricha Upanishad and Srimad Bhagavatam making the case.

      1. In Indo-European myth the dawn goddess is an inviolable virgin. Citations: Here, here and here.

      2. The dawn goddess gives birth to the sun. Citations: Here, here and here.

      3. Aditi is an ancient name for the dawn goddess in Indian mythology. Citations: Here, here and here.

      4. Aditi is a mythical character, not a real person. Citations: Here, here and here.

      5. Aditi is the “eternal virgin” or the “celestial virgin.” Citations: Here, here, here and here.

      6. Aditi is the mother of eight children. Citations: Here, here and here.

      7. Krishna’s mother, Devaki, is the mother of eight children. Citations: Here, here and here.

      8. Devaki is an incarnation of Aditi. Citations: Here, here, here and here.

      9. Vishnu is one of the sons of Aditi. Citations: Here, here and here.

      10. Vishnu is a sun god. Citations: Here, here and here.

      11. Krishna is an avatar or incarnation of Vishnu. Citations: Here, here, here and here.

      12. Krishna is a mythical character, not a real person. Citations: Here, here, here.

      13. Devaki is a mythical character, not a real person. Citations: Here, here and here.

      14. Devaki, once as a newlywed teenager whose marriage was evidently unconsummated but who becomes impregnated by eating fruit. Citation: Here.

      15. Devaki is the chaste mother of Krishna. In the Srimad Bhagavatam (10.3.43), Devaki is specifically called “chaste” : “O supremely chaste mother ….. ” Citations: Here, here and here. Chaste can be defined as “virgin” as it’s often used as a synonym.

      16. Krishna was conceived via an immaculate, miraculous or sexless conception. The Srimad Bhagavatam (10.3.17) also says: “You never entered the womb of Devaki; rather, You existed there already.” Citations: Here, here and here.

      Logical conclusion based on these facts and suppositions:

      Krishna is a mythical personification of Vishnu, who is a sun god. Devaki is a mythical personification of Aditi, who is the “Eternal Virgin” dawn goddess. Devaki is a virgin mother dawn goddess who gives birth to Krishna the sun god.

      That’s the whole case made in Suns of God regarding this issue.

      Further conclusions:

      1. We did not make up this contention that Krishna’s mother was a chaste virgin. 2. There is good reason for this conclusion.

      Notes: “Suppositions” refer to our contention that Devaki and Krishna are myths and not real people, the latter being believed by many people. The rest are facts regarding their myths.

      Although most of these sources cited are Indian scholars, we do not possess irrational prejudice against Western scholars by assuming that they are not intelligent enough to understand Indian religion and mythology.

      Disclaimer: We understand that there are many fervent believers in the religion of Krishna. This exploration of the meaning behind various aspects of Indian mythology should not be construed as an attack on believers. However, we have come to these conclusions based on sound evidence and facts. Therefore, we do not deserve to be abused, insulted, disparaged and disrespected for coming to this logical, reasonable and rational conclusion. The reader, of course, is free to believe whatever he or she wishes.?).

      God the Alpha & Omega created this universe. It’s only Adam/Eve sins deceive by Satan, we r all soul condemned to lake of fire not body death when we c God on judgement d book of life. S v r God’s child, our heavenly Father love n gv us a 2nd chance there4 (John 3:16 NIV) He send His only son Jesus to redeem us from hell. Follow Christ is be Christ like what He had shown us during His 33 years on earth is the only gateway to heaven. Christianity is a love relationship with our heavenly Father thru Christ with Holy Spirit guidance fellowship not religious. Other religious: follow human, do good deed, anything is base on god’s will, NewAge: believe in self. This is what Satan plan to confused by deceiving empty promises lies to steal,kill & destroyed. What if u gained d whole world but lost Ur own soul (NIV: Matthew 16:26, Mark 8:36, Luke 9:25).


  22. The difference between Christian and Muslim is that Christian worships in spirit
    Muslim worship bodily and I can prove to you if you wish


  23. My brother “SAID” I want you to understand that God is spirit God is not an object We can stay for centuries asking “who was Jesus”or who is Jesus” Let me tell you Jesus is God Himself but the body was inform of Man.God did this for mankind to understand Him well, what Christian believes in is what was inside Jesus but not the body that was conceived by Mary.The body was there as the sacrifice and now it’s in heaven sitting in the right hand of God with the wounds and fresh blood and when we seek forgiveness for our sins to God he stares at that body which reflects love and surely through that body he forgives us.

    You have asked “if Jesus is God, when he was on earth, who was at in Heaven? The answer is God is omnipresent even quaran certify that


    1. God is not Omnipresent in that sense. Jesus is Not GOD the Father. Since you believe he is, then please explain why Jesus didn’t know the day nor the hour. Remember Jesus (The Son) himself said he didn’t know , but only the Father. Mark 13:32
      Also when Jesus was being put to death on a tree, he cried out to the father: “MY GOD, MY GOD, why have you forsaken me.” Matt 27:46 If Jesus is God as you Trinitarians believe, then why is Jesus calling the Father God. Is Jesus is his own Father. NO! Rather you Trinitarians have Tunnel vision, you can’t see the difference between Jesus and the father.
      Please Trinitarian show us in the bible where God in Heaven tell us that Jesus is his GOD! But there is a scripture in the bible where Jesus, call The Father, his GOD. John 20:17


      1. This is where Christianity and Islam crashes.

        And it is only possible because those who suppose to know are lacking knowledge of the Truth, for many of them are seekers of their own interests, or rather their own belly, because some pastors and Imamm preaches The Scriptures for their own interests. Religions have became house of falsehood.
        @tone, you are more knowledge.

        Jesus is not God.
        Jesus is Christ and God is JAH.
        (Bible Psalm 68:4)
        Sing unto God, sing praises to his name: extol him that rideth upon the heavens by his name JAH, and rejoice before him.

        JAH called Jesus Christ my begotten Son Spiritual, meaning in Physically that Jesus is God’s Perfection, that what makes Him Christ meaning the Messiah (Saviour).

        Did we read in Scriptures (Old Testament and The Psalms of David and the Scriptures of the Prophet about the first coming and Second coming of the messiah Jesus Christ?????


  24. my dear help me 4 my confusion!,
    jesus is God!
    Jesus is son of God!
    Jesus is son of mary.
    Jesus is amessenger of God!
    Which is which real ?
    Finally according to the bible when we count the names of God known as jesus? Plz ineed yr help & if not answered iwill now come up with each sentes with verse!


    1. To be a Christian is follow Christ by faith not by sight. It’s built by personal LOVE relationship with God through Jesus not by doing good deeds. Jesus was born through virgin Mary indeed He is son of God n not human sinner in order to save us (soul not body) from internal burning in the lake of fire (Sun). Bcz Adam/Eve sins we can’t go back to our heavenly Father God (whom is perfect/sinless) if we go to God directly all will go to hell, therefore we r His children & can’t bear to c us perish and send His only son Jesus the messenger whoever believed Him, will have eternal life (John 3:16).


      1. I am the son of my father. I am the son of my mother. The spirit of my family is part of me. Still confused. Yet there are 99 appellations for Allah.


  25. Can’t say I fully understand what you wrote. Yes God put Adam on this earth, but he was not God. Nor was Elijah. Jesus was. Read my prior explanation. I think you may be agreeing with me. Thx for feedback.


      1. Hello pls can you prove with 10 point that jesus is not god and i will give you 50 proves that jesus is god thank you


  26. ofcoz jusus was created by word & it is not only jusus even the devil angel was , remember adam the first plan to creat using his own hand to make aman then operating & hava was around so dont cofused jusus due to what he did earth which were from the creator,eliah still to day he is in heven b4 him kkkkk


  27. so according to many comments , it seems that jusus was God walked on earth but in other form,through mary . But the quetion it must be ,when Almight God was around walking up down , who remained on heven?


    1. Jesus is God

      If we think about God, an incomprehensible being that can do what he wants, whenever and wherever, we must consider his capabilities when it comes to spending time with humans. Certainly if he wanted to appear on earth he could. But how would God be recognized? He knew that to be accepted and not cause people to be afraid he needed to take a human form. God incarnate means just that. He came as Jesus and walked the earth with humans.

      Allah (as God) said the same thing, relating to Mary, from Sura 3:47, “She said (to Allah): My Lord, how can I have a son and man has not yet touched me? He said, even so; Allah creates what He pleases. When He decrees a matter, He only says to it, Be, and it is.”

      That is no different, really, than the virgin birth of Jesus. God can do and be whatever, whenever. The Bible recognized God’s role in the virgin birth as Father. So God is Father and Son, and are One.

      John 14:11, Christ, “Believe me when I say that I am in the Father and the Father is in me.”

      Being omnipotent God can certainly remain in heaven, his realm, at the same time.

      Thx for your comment. Please read other articles on this Blog and feel free to comment. Blessings.


    2. You must understand God is first a spirit he is present everywhere. In Christ he showed us how to be sons of God his own perfect example. We would not obey the prophets, you can’t even believe what was written about Christ that why there is still arguments today. Some will say God said be and it was, some say God is powerful, some say he is magnificent and still don’t believe the miraculous thing he did by coming in a body to redeem us back to himself from sinful man. Examine the relationship of God being Holy and righteous and Christ becoming our righteousness. It was all Gods plan he knew what sinful man was capable of that’s why there is division.


    1. There are to many verses in the kuran about sex with children-beating wives-killing non believers for this to be a religion
      Its obvious -even to fools-that islam is NOT a religion-its a CULT.
      It should be -rightfully- scoured from the earth and the minds of men forever.
      Any good man should-and will -resist this evil.


      1. Referring to Islam as a Cult may be quite accurate. It is truly an ideology with a major control element, that of Apostasy Laws. It is the fear, Islamophobia as it is, of every Muslim that if they choose another path, applying their God given independent ability to think, they are condemned with the punishment – Death. You may find of interest the Blog Sans Apostasy Laws, No Islam on this website. (Www.understand-islam.com).


      2. O Yes, A person with a brain,common sense and The Holy Spirit. Praise be upon the lord!!!!


  28. having many names of allah, das not mn that jusus is God but god bcoz There is already real living Allah who did not test by devil, even jusus himself says dont put as good but there is on heven one living God, it is the best proof that we must call upon to day is that jusus was sent from God not God converted himself into blood,water & fresh no. Another proof, b4 jusus,there were abraham,did we ever heaerd that abraham preseed jusus as God no ,so takecare when followimg the way u never proofed b4.


    1. The Bible is not a favorite book for Muslims, but they must be somewhat curious. The prophets in the Bible are those that are in the Quran. Many of the stories told are repeated. It is a Scripture foundational to the Quran. It provides much history of mankind with architecture and libraries of commentary supporting its reality. A basic freedom, although limited (unfortunately) in Muslim dominated areas, is to believe and worship according to your own conscious. There are alternatives to Islam to consider. But exposure is necessary.

      It is unfortunate that although it is claimed the Old Testament is background for the Quran, yet few Muslims have read or even seen a copy of the Bible. Why is it or should it be banned? You seem to have some understanding.

      Muhammad averred the Bible was corrupted by the humans that wrote it and that the Quran is perfect. Scholars and Imam’s deny the divinity of Christ. They agree Mary was a virgin and Jesus (Christ) was her child. Also it is problematic, according to their teaching, that God can be Christ and the Holy Spirit. You share a few of those thoughts.

      Let me address your issues.

      Jesus is God
      If we think about God, an incomprehensible being that can do what he wants, whenever and wherever, we must consider his capabilities when it comes to spending time with humans. Certainly if he wanted to appear on earth he could. But how would God be recognized? He knew that to be accepted and not cause people to be afraid he needed to take a human form. God incarnate means just that. He came as Jesus and walked the earth with humans.

      Allah (as God) said the same thing, relating to Mary, from Sura 3:47, “She said (to Allah): My Lord, how can I have a son and man has not yet touched me? He said, even so; Allah creates what He pleases. When He decrees a matter, He only says to it, Be, and it is.

      That is no different, really, than the virgin birth of Jesus. God can do and be whatever, whenever. The Bible recognized God’s role in the virgin birth as Father. So God is Father and Son, and are One.

      John 14:11, Christ, “Believe me when I say that I am in the Father and the Father is in me.”

      Temptation – Tested by the Devil
      Allah was never tempted, so it is written, but Jesus was. The devil tempted him as he does everyone of us. We are sinners. But Christ never gave in. He remained perfect. Isa is perfect.

      Muhammad was weak and as a mortal sinned. He could not stop himself. Yet he is the example for Muslims. Would not a better example be the one who was and is perfect?

      Matthew 26:41, “Watch and pray that you will not fall into temptation. The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.”

      Matthew 4:7, Jesus speaking to the Devil, “It is …written. Do not put the Lord your God to the test.” The devil persisted, but without success, Matthew 4:10, “Jesus said to him, ‘Away from me, Satan! ‘For it is written, ’Worship the Lord your God, and serve him only.’

      God provided a sacrifice for Abraham, a substitute for his son; in your Scripture, Ishmael, and in the Bible Isaac. It was a ram. That is what God did for all of us. He provided a substitute to be punished in our place (for past, present and future sins). Christ was our ram. We are forgiven, our shame no longer a burden as we move forward with a new heart filled with God’s loving and holy spirit. The Holy Spirit is the third leg of the Oneness of God. Allah sacrificed nothing for you and me. Certainly Muhammad sacrificed little, even giving himself permission to live outside the laws of Islam, as noted in the Quran. His actions were not godly.

      The living God is the biblical God.

      I appreciate your comment. Please feel free to read other Blogs on this site and provide your thoughts. With respect. Blessings.


  29. That is why, It is writen in the bible, as warning to all that is able to read that after He as gone, Many will come as the messiah tryin to decive people. said Jesus Christ


  30. I forgot that I actually found this site while looking for information on time factors between the two doctrines. I just found what I was looking for and your information adds up to the Quran was not written by Muhammad but someone who had second hand information again many years later who never knew him that changed it suit what he wanted out of it.
    Remember that man also had a hand in putting the Bible together and translating the original writings. God gave us Jesus to simplify things!

    As stated above : You need to decide for yourself. Be Independent, it is our nature, and make your own discoveries. Let your enlightenment be the Light of God. There are many scholars and leaders in the world that are false in their teaching and requirements, only to achieve their objectives, not God’s.

    This is from: http://www.defendproclaimthefaith.org/koran_vs_bible.html

    Based on this concept of speaking out about Islam being hate speech, an examination of the Koran shows this book itself is hate speech, specifically, against Christianity. The Bible was written 500 years before Muhammad and therefore has nothing to say about Islam. In fact, the Bible only directly condemns pagan worship. It has nothing directly to say about Hinduism or the other ancient Eastern religions. By doctrine and teachings, the Bible disagrees with the eastern religions, but it does not condemn them.


  31. Love the people hate the lie.

    Unfortunately it seems the Quran promotes hatred. I happened across a website by Muslims giving me insight into the horrid things they believe and are teaching from this book. Yes they are on to the fact that a lot of the world is sinning under the pretence of Christianity and point out some relevant examples I will not disagree with at all. BUT they also think nothing of their own killing and abuse of others including their own women and children.

    They are not seeing that real Christians do not do these things just as most of them would not blow up a building full of women and children in the name of their Allah.
    We need to sit down and look at the actual people who these books are based on. Did Jesus lie, kill, maim, insight judgment/hate or have carnal knowledge? Not that anyone can prove. He only hated evil. What life did Muhammad lead and what were his actions? How did each one die? Did Muhammad go without and lay down his life for his people as Jesus did?

    Looking at Jesus words only, he told us that he came to take the rituals of mans hardened hearts and agendas way and love each other all as equals. Jesus said as the Son of God he was the ultimate sacrifice so that we could experience the love of God through his teachings and actions. He was trying to bring back the LOVE. If we truly love God we will love one another as we too would love ourselves. He made us all and we choose our path, wether it be the good walk or the bad. He loves us while we are working it out like the patient Father He is.

    One thing I have found is to concentrate on Jesus words only and they do line up with the Old Testament. There is an addition to the Bible by someone who claims to be one of Jesus apostles but was never actually chosen by or walked with Him. Here is where a lot of confusion comes about.
    Anyone could write their own version of the Bible so they could put their own agenda in place. Its simply crowd control and without love it is disastrous.

    God loves all of His children and is just waiting for them ask Him directly for the truth. He is a pure heart and wants the same of us. It is about our relationship with our fellow man.


    1. Listen darling, before you speak do you research instead of reading websites of what others are saying how about you pick up the Holy Qur’an and read how peaceful it is. and another thing its not “their Allah” for your information Allah means God!! research women before you speak.
      and dont talk about Christianity and Jesus like you really know what your talking about,
      1. Jesus is not the son of god, he is a prophet
      2. The bible has been modified over the years, unlike the Holy Qur’an so what religion are you really talking about?
      3. Prophet Muhammed lead a life of Peace, he was a good man with a pure heart, never thought of himself to be above another man and always taught to love each other, of forgiveness, and for helping one another
      4. if you want to speak about hate and blowing up things then that comes from a group or individual and their own values and actions, so don’t blame a religion for something it has nothing to do with
      and if you want to suggest otherwise then how about you first look at KKK, because their christians so how about i blame christianity?
      do your research and learn before you start making false claims ….


      1. Arianna:

        You made two comments that I’d like to address.

        First – Jesus is not God !! nor is he the son of god, he is a prophet!!! get your facts right.

        Second – For your information Prophet Muhammed PBUH was not a sinner!!! do your research before you speak he was an example for all Muslims to better themselves and do good in the world, the bible is something Muslims don’t like because it has been modified so many times over the years. is it even the words of God,? and your using that as an example to back you claim? thats a load of bullshit. Please do back your claim about Prophet Muhammed PBUH actions not being godly??? or “forever hold your peace haha because you obviously don’t know shit. People have converted to Islam more then they have to any other religion, so if your bible, your christianity (religion) teachings was so perfect why is no-one converting? well of course because over the years your religion has become more “man made” than what God has said. Do you research next time !!! If you need help getting your facts right don’t hesitate to e-mail me. (kusbo@outlook.com)

        Response: I know that the Quran claims that Jesus is not God. The Bible makes it clear that Jesus is God incarnate. Thus the difference. In addition the Quran suggests Jesus did not die on the cross. It was all faked, a substitute was used. And if there was a substitute then someone else was resurrected, if not Christ. History tells us that the people of Jerusalem, led by Chiaphas, called for death to Jesus even after Pontius Pilate met with Jesus and found no fault in him as to accusations made. He suggested he be freed, yet the crowd insisted he be crucified. The Jewish leaders feared their power and role as religious leaders was being reduced by the actions Jesus had taken and the following he developed. They wanted him dead. Many knew Jesus. He died on the cross, and Pontius Pilate called upon his guards to provide assurance he was dead before he was buried. There was no substitute.

        Then the tomb was found empty, guards having been posted to insure nothing unusual would happen. After the empty tomb Jesus appeared, he had risen from the dead. That was not anything a human could do. He appeared to hundreds. It was a woman who first realized the tomb was empty and reported to others this incredible event. Those that knew him as no others, the 12 apostles, but many more, experienced the presence of the Lord after his death. No one ever suggested this was a lie. They all died a martyrs death. After 50 days Jesus ascended to heaven and the Holy Spirit came to fill the believers, as promised in John 14:16.

        The Quran tells us that Allah made possible the birth of Jesus, Isa, his mother, Mary, a virgin, because Allah could say Be and it would Be. Thus even the Quran agrees that Jesus was born without a human father. (Sura 3:45-51). God made his birth possible. Jesus is more than a Prophet.

        As to Muhammad being a sinner, what else could he be. Islamists claim they are not born with original sin, which for the Christian emanated from the fall of Adam and Eve in the Garden. But to say he never sinned, that is a stretch. We all sin. Temptation surrounds us all and nothing we do can prevent being exposed. Islam suggests earning Allah’s forgiveness, never assured, by doing good works and earning credits. Acts of evil, or sinful action, like swearing, detract from the good. If Muhammad is the example that you are to follow, how then is there so much hatred towards infidels? Are not actions taken to eliminate humans sinful, as was the case with Muhammad’s insistence on death to the Banu Qurayza tribe in Yatrib?

        Show me where the Bible has been modified. At the same time we all are well aware that the Quran has been abrogated within itself. Is that not change and a reflection of inconsistency? Why would Allah, as god, even change? If the Quran is divine how can it be altered in its composition? Jesus is divine. He is the Word of God. How can the Quran be deified? Sura 3.39 refers to Jesus as the Word of God.

        The evidence that supports the life, death, resurrection and divinity of Christ is overwhelming. These are facts. You may be in denial. The facts cannot be refuted.

        God Bless.


      2. Satan always use other way round to deceive. Would u believed a guy said Gabriel told me I’m d real prophet, then another said Gabriel told him in dream that he is d origin,…then egg 1st or chicken


      3. Arriana, you put “3. Prophet Muhammed lead a life of Peace, he was a good man with a pure heart, never thought of himself to be above another man and always taught to love each other, of forgiveness, and for helping one another”
        Now that makes me wonder if you have studied the koran at all or are you telling lies, TAQIYYA perhaps, Muhammed as written in koran and hadiths was in many ways a most unpleasant character, fought many battles as a fierce warrior, a murderer of anyone who did not agree with him eg Christians, Jews, infidels, a looter, a raider and was a womanizer, many would say a paedophile too. All in the books muslim hold dear.
        Compare that with how Jesus conducted himself……………..there really is no comparison.


      4. THE QUR’AN is a man’s religion….seriously you want a woman to cover herself so you dont have sexual desires…thats a man’s problem u see…a woman cant go outside unless a male escorts her…COME ON THIS IS A MAN MADE RELIGION everyting about it BENEFITS THE MEN!!!!!!!!!!!


      5. did this man god take a 5 year old wife and not have sex till she was 9 . wow wow wow. thats god like sic


  32. Written in the good book – 1John 2:22 Who is a liar but he that denieth that Jesus is the Christ? He is antichrist, that denieth the Father and the Son. 23 Whosoever denieth the Son, the same hath not the Father:(but) he that acknowledgeth the Son hath the Father also.
    24 Let that therefore abide in you, which ye have heard from the beginning. If that which ye have heard from the beginning shall remain in you, ye also shall continue in the Son, and in the Father. 25 And this is the promise that he hath promised us, even eternal life.


    1. Allah is a idol. Idols don’t speak, walk, nor see. They have no power. How could an idol have written a book? The qu’ran was plagiarized from the bible. Islam is idolatry.


      1. Allah is not an Idol, Allah is the arabic word for God so your saying God is a idol? prophet muhammad PBUH wrote the Holy Qur’an from the words of God through the angel Gabriel.
        The Holy Qur’an has never changed, but the words of the bible has been changed many time by man even the archaic has changed, so isn’t that enough to suggest whether the bible you follow is really the words of God, or just something written by a man who changed it to what he prefers?


      2. Muhammad is the one idolized. Is that not blasphemous. Defending a mortal as if he is a god. Even his name suggests Islam. That appears incongruous with the hateful rhetoric often spewed to those who may criticize this human, suggesting he is sacred.


      3. Interesting thought. One might suggest that the Quran as in use is a false substitute for the truth. The truth is the Bible. Why copy the Bible, or even parts of it, why not have it be what it is in truth, the Scripture for all who seek salvation. Follow the Bible alone.


  33. This is a very important issue and everybody should know this fact. I studied the Koran and the Hadith and I will discuss this subject according to the Koran and the Holy Bible and we will find the truth that “Jesus is Allah according to the Koran.”

    Muslims always love to ask question but sorry to say they don’t want to listen your answer. Muslims always think they are right and you are wrong! (Which is false). Therefore if you don’t have good idea about the Koran and the Holy Bible and any Muslim asks any question to you then I am sure it will strike like a hammer to your faith! One very minor question Muslims always asks, “Where Jesus said He is God?” I am sure so many of you heard this question.

    Now I will show the Muslims in a very special way how we can prove them that Jesus said, ‘I am the God’ from their book and our book in the same time.

    The God of Islam ‘Allah’ has 99 names. Each name of those are equal to other one. Which means there is no difference between the name of Allah or any of those 99 names. Allah is one of them and He is equal to all those names. No difference but equal. So if Jesus claimed any of those names it means that Jesus is saying to Muslims that ‘He is Muslims God too.’

    So I will tell you how many times Jesus said, ‘I am God.’ Which means Jesus is God to Muslims as well. There are so many verses in the Holy Bible but I picked only few verses from the Holy Bible.

    I challenge all the Muslims in this Earth NOT to run away from this truth. Now my question to them, ’How can Muslims deny this truth?’

    One of the names of God in Islam is AL-HAQ. Which means in Arabic ‘The Truth.’ Did Jesus say in the Holy Bible, “I am the Truth?’ Yes. He said on John 14;9,” I am the way and the truth and the life. No-one comes to the Father except through Me.” The most important for Christians now that Jesus said, “He is the Truth.” Always remember this truth.

    Can any Muslim deny that is God’s (Allah) another name is “The Truth” (AL-HAQ)? No. No one can deny this fact. Because this Truth in Islam is ‘Allah’. AL is Arabic word and its English meaning is ‘you talking about whom.’ HAQ means Truth which in English we say ‘I am the Truth’. In Arabic I am the ‘AL-HAQ’. Can any Muslim deny that?

    Another name for God of Islam is AL-BAETH. The Resurrection. Did Jesus say in the Gospel, “I am the Resurrection?” Yes. In the Gospel of John 11;25-26 Jesus says, “I am the Resurrection and the life. He who believes in Me will live, even though he dies; and who-ever lives and believes in Me will never die.” When Muslims God ‘Allah’ is called ‘AL-BEATH’ which means resurrection, then it is clearly proven to all of us that Jesus Himself is Allah as Jesus says, “I am the Resurrection.” In Arabic “ I am the ‘AL-BEATH.’ There are not a single Muslim in this Earth can deny that. If any Muslim denies this truth then he/she denies/reject ‘Allah’ as well because they deny the 99 names of Allah.

    The God of Islam has two other names. “AL-AWAL” and “AL-AKHER.” In English we say, “I am the Alfa-I am the Omega.” (I am the First and I am the Last.) Isaiah 41;4 says, “I, the Lord-with the first of them and with the last-I am He.” Also the book of Revelation 22;13 says, “I am the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End.” Jesus is the AL-AWAL and Jesus is the AL-AKHER. Muslims there are no any option or excuse to refuse this truth. You have to accept Jesus as your “Allah.”

    One of the names of the God of Islam ’Allah’ is the kings of King. In Arabic ‘AL-MALEK.’ The book of Revelation says on chapter 17 verse 14, “They will make war against the Lamb, but the Lamb will overcome them because He is Lord of lords and King of kings-and with Him will be His called, chosen and faithful followers.”

    One of the names of the God of Islam ‘Allah’ is the Guide-“AL-HADI.” Which’s English meaning is The Door/Gate. Did Jesus say that He is the Gate? Yes. In the Gospel of John 10;9 tells us Jesus said, “ I am the gate; whoever enters through Me will be saved. He will come in and go out, and find pasture.”

    One of the names of the God of Islam ‘Allah’ is The Light which in Arabic is “Al-NUR.” Did Jesus say that He is the Light or He is the AL-NUR? Yes. In the Gospel of John 8;12 says, “ I am the Light of the world. He who follows Me shall not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.” All these verses are clearly proves that Jesus is Allah according to the Koran and no Muslims can deny this truth. (For readers references please check the Gospel of John. 10;9/15;1/6;35 and 10;11).

    For these reason I suggest you my dear Muslims make your decision now. Do not leave it for tomorrow. It may be too late. The door for repentance can be shut and you will live in everlasting regret and suffer punishment. Please do not try to knock the back door because you have to come through the front door and that door is Jesus Christ-AL-HADI.


    1. Let’s look at the archaeology ….

      (1) The Cross: this does not appear until the 4th century when Constantine’s mother finds the One True Cross in downtown Jerusalem.

      (2) The Name of Jesus: does not appear in the ancient world or in the Bibles or its fragments. All that appears is a code “IS”.

      (3) The Name of Christ: does not appear in the ancient world or in the Bibles or its fragments. All that appears is a code “XP”.

      (4) The first evidence of the expansion of the “XP” code is not to “CHRIST” but to “CHREST”. See this thread

      (5.1) the first complete Greek Bibles: these do not appear in the evidence until – according to DOGMATIC TRADITION & C14 – the 4th and 5th century

      (5.2) The fragments of the Greek Bibles: these have been dated ONLY early by means of the subjective art of palaeography. (No C14 testing)

      (6.1) Christian Churches: No Christian church before the 4th century has ever been found. Period. End of story. (I wonder why?)

      (6.2) Christian Church-Houses: No Christian church-house before the 4th century has ever been found. Period. End of story. (I wonder why?)

      (6.3) Christian House-Churches: One sole exemplar of a “Christian house-church” before the 4th century has been claimed to have existed not at Rome, Alexandria or Antioch but way out on the Persian border at Dura-Europos. It is more Ebionites than Christians temples!

      (7) Inscriptions: The name of Jesus in the Bible is a code “IS” and the name of Christ is a code “XP” – very simple reproducible two-letter motifs. Why are they not found scattered on headstones in the 1st or 2nd or 3rd centuries of the Common Era? Why did no Christian inscribe the name of their two-letter god anywhere?

      (8) COINS: The CHI-RHO first appears on Imperial coinage c.316 CE under the rule of Constantine. Again, this need not have been “CHRIST” but “CHREST”.

      (9) ART: Emperor centric renditions of Christ appear in the 4th century and continue for centuries

      (10) GRAFITTI: The Alexandra’s Graffiti does not necessarily depict Jesus since thousands and thousands of people were crucified by the Romans. In the very early 2nd century, the Roman Emperor Trajan publically crucified 2000 Jews of the city of Emmaus.

      (11) FIGURINES: The earliest crucifix with a person on it is from the 6th century. The 6th century. Six is not equal to one or two or three etc. Thousands of figurines to hundreds of gods have been found by archaeologists, and/or described by travellers (like Pausanias) but nobody has found one for Jesus.

      (12) This list is endless. We have no archaeology for Jesus or his supposed Christian church until the very late. Why is it so?


      1. Who cares Its all a load of Rubbish , people just need to concentrate on being Good, Compassionate Human Beings , Religion is nothing but Trouble most of the time . Focus on being a good person . These books were written a long time ago.


      2. Let me just ask you hizbullah what is your point this is because you have not made any .and also did you read the bible about his cruxifiction and what happened after that. You should also read what they did to the early christians maby that will explain why jesus name was written in a code ok and stop beating around the bush


      3. I must disagree. It takes time to collect data and write a book. Today it is easier than 2000 years ago. The story of Christ is undeniably true. Hundreds witnessed the Reurrection; many/most were still alive when the 1st documents of the event appeared. There was never a denial. Not like Watergate. We are all sinners, yet Christ was a sacrifice, God’s wrath applied, as punishment for,us, if you believe. This year celebrates the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther’s break from the Catholic Church accepting the Bible, the Word, as the document from which to learn, to teach, to study and to read to have a relationship with the Lord. It is the inspired word of God, including all those books written after Christ’s death on the cross, and resurrection. May the Spirit of the Lord open up your eyes and heart to the truth.


      1. Anonim:

        You do not understand the Oneness of God, that is clear. Allah has as many as 99 appellations. So who is he/she? God is one god, comprised of 3 essences.

        The Father is God, as the head of the family and the one willing to go to great lengths to save us all from damnation. Could the father bear a son – yes. Even the Quran suggests, never admitting Allah as a father, that Mary gave birth to Jesus. She was a virgin. Allah made that possible. He chose Mary (Sura 3.42). Allah gave thee ‘good news’ (Sura 3.45) naming her son, Jesus, the Messiah. When Mary asked Allah, how can this be, the response, “Allah creates what He pleases. When He decrees a matter, He only says to it, He, and it is.” (Sura 3.47)

        One is that of the Son, god-incarnate, that enabled God to live on earth so humans could get to know him and have a relationship with him. He is both son of God and son of man. He led a perfect life, so confirmed by the Quran referring to Jesus as Isa. During his life he never struck another person, never wielded a sword and never led an army against non-believers. He lived serving others, always humble, and prepared to sacrifice himself and be punished for the sins we all commit. We are criminals in God’s eyes; we are weak and easily tempted, even to swear. When Satan entered the picture in the Garden we were told we would not die if we disobeyed God. That was not so as man died spiritually and his sin nature has prevailed. To be made right with God, God provided Jesus to rescue us from our spiritual death, physical death and death to an eternal life with Him.

        The last is the Holy Spirit, which is God dwelling in the hearts of those who believe in Christ’s death on the cross and resurrection, proof of his divinity, overcoming sin and death. You are included in the saving grace of Christ, if you believe. In so doing the spirit of the Lord will fill you as a reminder of your purpose in serving god and an assurance of Salvation.

        Think of this Oneness as the the Sun and the earth relationship. There is but a single, one, powerful formation that makes all on earth work. The Sun is as the father from which all emanates, to include the sun’s Ray. It is almost impossible to look directly into the sun. The Ray is as Jesus, connected and never separate from its source. We can see the rays and know them. Finally what the sun produces, the warmth on our faces, the ability to aid in the growth of plants and life, is as the Holy Spirit, unseen and yet vital.

        The Trinity, as such, is not mentioned in the Bible, but the relationships are. The Quran reflects a lack of understanding by referring to the trinity as the Father, Son and Mary, as a family. This can be understood and provide a reason why Muslims, and others, fail to fully comprehend that Christians are a monotheistic group and see God and his essence are One.

        And I must respectfully disagree with you referring to the Bible as BS. It has stood the test of time and is supported historically and architecturally. The people, places and events, even Jesus life, death, the cross, the resurrection is well documented. You too can find hope and joy in your life if you pursue with an open and objective mind the example and sacrifice of Jesus. After all he was God, not just any human.



      2. Could you explain the christianity have three God..show the verses and expmain them in details. If you could not…begin stopping your comments forever and begin reading the HolyBible translated in your own language. You can do the same with yours. Ok?


    2. I believe that if “GOD” made rules for us to abide by & for us to worship him/her, while being so powerful as to create the universe & all we can see, hear & touch, then GOD would’ve placed that way of thinking in our minds, just like animals & insects work off instinct.


      1. Are you saying humans are just acting by ‘instinct?’ God gave humans the unique ability of intellect, the ability to think, comprehend, discern. What other species has recorded their history as has man, born in God’s image? Man was given the responsibility as well, in Genesis, to ‘subdue’ the earth and care for the animals, plants, etc. Who else shares that task? God has rules, but gave man Free Will. He wanted humans to love and obey him. He loves humans. But we fail to be totally obedient, just as a child rebels or protests a parent’s directives. We are sinners. But we know the difference between right and wrong. Those that do not may just be sociopathic. Thanks for your comment.


      2. I stated that animals & insects work on instinct, which is a direction of an untrained behaviour belonging to a biological species, so yes.
        Answer this then
        So, how do you know right from wrong ???
        If no one ever told you, how would you know ? I believe in gut feeling & following that feeling, working with instinct & to treat any other life form as you would treat yourself. If you believe in any religion, then your a gullible person at that & you equally share a mutual faith with terrorists who destroy others lives just to honor their religious beliefs & secure their place in so called “heaven”.
        People that murder kill etc are really not sociopathic, the same as animals, there are some (besides hunting & needing to feed) that befriend their prey & end up not killing it. There is a balance born bad & good as we have a day & night & positive & negative, they go hand in hand to create stability, structure & balance in life’s continuous circle.


    3. I personally don’t believe either of your books, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to trash your beliefs in the way you do those of Muslims. Whether or not the Quran is an “improved” version of the Bible, the Bible is just as likely to have been tainted by the ideals of the men transcribing it as those who wrote the Quran. Take your blinders off​ and take a good hard look at your own religion with fresh eyes before you try to disprove someone else’s, then you may realize just how riddled with hypocricy your entire blog is. Faith isn’t meant to be a competition nor do I imagine your God would want to stamp out spiritual individuality by telling us to all have cookie cutter beliefs by threat of damnation. DIFFERENT does not equate WRONG. Didn’t God say not to worship false idols? Well the paradox is, you worship a book to worship God and you worship God by worshipping a book. People get so caught up in fighting over what is right among themselves, they’ve forgotten the original purpose of spirituality: to look within YOURSELF, and find what makes YOU happy. If there were a God, isn’t that what He would want of us? To be good to each other and find peace within ourselves? He wouldn’t say “worship me according to the right book,” then throw us a few texts to guess from and say, “pick the right one or else you’re going to hell.” Choose then, if that’s what you really want! In the mean time, have some respect. If people disagree with you, it’s only because they’ve chosen as well.


      1. I thank you if you actually read my books. I share my belief, as you do, and feel that is OK. In sharing I attempt to clarify and question what others believe to elicit responses (thanks for yours) and see other viewpoints. I obtain comfort in historical facts, evidence and documentation. Yes the Word of God is important to me. It may actually be “tainted” as you suggest, however, the Bible states in it’s own passages that it is the “inspired word of God.” The intentions are clear. There are no inconsistencies. And the truth as to moral and ethical values, including the quality and deserved human rights of everyone, is undeniable. I cannot be PC and say that all religions lead to the same outcome and thus feel differently than you. I believe different can be wrong. But then who is to say, but God on Judgment Day, if my choice was wrong. There is much ‘good’ in all people. There is much ‘evil’ also. Spiritually may provide comfort and help to relax, but to whom do the pantheistic, the good atheists, the good secularists, etc turn in time of trouble. Can the ‘me’ self console, or a plant or materialism be God and give direction. There was Jesus, it is a historical fact. How he lived, died and was resurrected, and widely know, witnessed and well recorded, is important. He is my example. As well as ‘purpose,’ your purpose and my purpose. I feel I know mine. What is yours? Why are we here? Choice was God’s gift, Free Will, but how you choose is not to be dismissed as ‘any choice will do.’ I can respect another’s choice, and still express what I believe and why. Am I not allowed to share. Blessings. Thanks for your objectivity and inclusivity.


      2. “If the Moral Law was one of our instincts, we ought to be able to point to some one impulse inside us which was always what we call ‘good,’ always in agreement with the rule of right behavior. But you cannot. There is none of our impulses which the Moral Law may not sometimes tell us to suppress, and none which it may not sometime tell us to encourage.” (C.S.Lewis). Let me ask you if you were in a room with three people and there was a gas attack, and only one gas mask, how would you act? What would your instinct tell you?


    4. I agree with all your well-informed details and references. What it suggests, to me, is that both the Muslims and the Christians are worshipping one and the same God. Although the Muslims worship Him ignorantly, but I feel there is no need for any repentance because all are believers except if you are suggesting that the Muslims don’t worship God but Muhammad.


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