UI – Part 122 – Television – The Eyes of God Staring Back At You

Contact Thru TV

The world has Television.  It embraces this device that provides shows, news, reality, sports and more.  Along with other forms of communications such inventions have brought the population of the world, diverse cultures, into contact.  I at first thought of using the term ‘closer’, but in light of the hatred of much of the world towards the West and western ideas the term ‘contact’ was more applicable.  Proximity, the world seeing more of each other through the ‘tube’ can be considered a means of access.  It is also the common use of inventions and technology that have come mostly from western countries (or I believe, best described as free countries). 

 Embracing Tech

The wealthy in many third-world, and even further developed areas, embrace the use of technology.  Take the automobile as an example.  Many enjoy the convenience and the comfort, without regard to its inventor, creator, or manufacturer.   The transport afforded by luxury aircraft symbolized with artwork on the aircraft of countries or business or military or political leaders has enabled borders to be readily crossed, even bypassed.  Access to a variety of music using the music players (MP3 and iPod) provides much enjoyment in privacy as well and collectively.  Calls to anywhere in the world without wires, the cell phone (universal now days) is enjoyed by all levels of society readily apparent by many with hands to ears speaking to friends, family and others near and far.  The personal computer makes improvements with lightening speed, and now the iPad (and its competition), all gives us email, e-book, and social network availability, plus the more mundane uses already in wide-application on the go. 

 Reaching far down the food chain in societies rich and poor are the cell phone and certainly the TV.  Antennas, satellite dishes, cable lines appear as a spider web network of ganglia supplying the world with programming.  Some nations control what people hear or see, while others are quite open to anything that can be transmitted, for which permits or payments are provided the distributor.  

 Even in the US those classified by the Government as poor more than not have plasma TV’s, cell phones, a car or truck or both, cable or satellite connections, DVR’s, Tivo’s, iPods, video game devices, personal computers and more.  Hunger is even less of an issue. Entitlement largess remains the dilemma. A valuable read on poverty in the USA http://www.heritage.org/Research/Reports/2011/09/Understanding-Poverty-in-the-United-States-Surprising-Facts-About-Americas-Poor

 From a family gathering close to an AM radio listening intently to the radio transmission during WWII, at times hardly able to understand the words through the crackle and static, to seeing the faces while hearing the voices of today’s popular spokespersons, in color and now 3D, the improvement to the way we communicate is miraculous. 

 Muslims and TV

For many in the Muslim world the TV is welcomed and disdained.  It enables those oppressed and brainwashed into the mantra of Muhammad and Allah, believers as they may be or are required to be, to gain a glimpse into freedom in the world.  Even if not every hour of the day when important news reaches the air waves it cannot always be censored by the ulema and the autocratic regimes, thus exposing masses to the light of liberty.  Please note, however, the tyrannical authorities in Muslim dominated, and controlled, areas control (censorship) what is viewed on TV, to the extent the news broadcast is News of the World as the Authorities want it presented.

 Contact – Freedom – Eyes Watching Each Other

We have discussed freedom as the bane of the purity of Islam, yet somehow God, maybe not Allah, has found a way to look back at the people and show them an alternative.  So has Gucci, Armani, Ralph Lauren and others, like Wrangler and Levi, but the influence has not been as profound as TV.  In fact the premium goods and the material items of appeal have most often been observed first on the tele.   American and British programming fills the airwaves translated in every tongue.  Exposure is universal.  Bono is popular because of TV.  There are others too.  And now soccer is spreading throughout the world along with most other sports that were relegated previously to the confines of specific areas or regions of the world.  The Olympics can be an eye opener.  What tempts the world is shown and viewed daily.  Freedom is not confined on the TV.  It is exposed, for all the good and all the evil.  From the TV the majority of the world came into view, and with the cell phone, the Nokia and iPhone and the like, with texting as well as email and social network access, all the world came into contact and closer.  For good or for bad, for right or for wrong, mankind has been provided a look into each others eyes and souls. 

 TV and cell phones have invaded attempts of maintaining a closet garden of Eden by the Muslim and made the inhabitants impure, their controlled-will made free.  Now they can choose on their own. At least they can change channels.  Now they too are sinners, even if before they were under the impression that was not the case.  Welcome to the club in which all mankind is a member.  The Free-Will Society.  The impure DNA strain of universal free-will is upon everyone.  Show me one that it is not infected; and if you do provide proof it is not a deception. 

 When God is Ready

Now that you know, what can you do about it?  Is its God’s eye seeing everyone more obviously even through man’s eyes and inventions; after all what man creates, scientifically discovers, invents or produces cannot be done without God’s hand guiding. And I contend what is made new, made known, is done so when God decides mankind has the need.  Revealed through Reason and the use of the gift of intellect of man, yet still that which God allows and thus reveals. Know this, more will know and realize they can think for themselves, they can be independent and not dependent upon a controlling tyrannical oppressive government.  God is filling the voids created by man to deny God and prevent their people (used pejoratively as treating citizens of autocracies as possessions) from having an avenue to seeing God for themselves.

  The Muslim Eden

Arab Spring is a demonstration of what happens when the bell of freedom rings and is heard.  Multitudes are willing to throw off the ropes that bind them and openly air their doubts, differences and desire for liberty, personal freedom, to be released from the knots and locks that hold them at bay from saying and thinking as they believe.  They however expect a new government, possibly even a new Quran, to make the avenue of free-choice open to everyone.

 There may never be a return to the Eden the Muslims desire.  It is no longer there. The remnants many say are in Iraq or Saudi Arabia, but it has neither been uncovered nor sought after – for fear it would reveal God’s truth and Allah’s deception.   It is a mistake to think it will ever be found, except, when Adam returns, the new Adam, Christ to exercise victory of this-worldly world and make it a heavenly realm.  We have been removed from the Garden.  It was closed and protected by God’s guards.  God will open the gates of heaven when he is ready.

 Grace and Peace,

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