The Islamists War Zone – No Boundaries

If what the Islamists appear to desire is an army without boundaries.  If their objective is to define a culture that weaves its way throughout the world, every corner, every nation, with the Quran in its most vile form of interpretation their standard, then we have a Holy War to deal with. Allah is the figure-head, Muhammad the prophet, his life of 23 years under the direction of Allah the path they wish to follow, with 7th Century traditions adhered to, then we must resist. 

 We must fight not the Islamists, but for freedom.  Our politicians must fight on behalf of those who prefer freedom, for men and women to avoid exile under totalitarian control, being watched and disciplined by the Islamic police, living in areas where the desires of tribal leaders can be satisfied with bribes and gifts (until the money runs out and they demand more) to the detriment of others, and being subjected to empowered Imams and ayatollahs, their fatwas and edicts. 

The restrictions on Free Speech have been cultivated by the successful attacks against Salman Rushdie and The Satanic Verses.  Islamists want ‘no’ criticism.  Ban all.  Let us perpetrate our cause without any watchful or critical eye; always prepared to kill or blind the observer of their intended destruction of freedom under the guise of a world all for Allah.  The Islamists are not speaking for the ‘common good’, not at all, and this is what needs to be recognized and dealt with by politicians and government leaders everywhere. 

An excerpt from UI – Part 87-88 – The Free Speech Inhibitor

On this day after 911 our prayers continue for the victims of the WTC terrorist attacks, the Pentagon and in Pennsylvania, Flight 93, as well as the responders and the members of all branches of the military that continue to fight for freedom, not only in america, but in the world. It is not freedom we should fear, but ourselves. 

Grace and Peace

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