UI – Part 106 – Islamist Ideology and Modern Weapons

UI – Part 106 – Islamist Ideology and Modern Weapons

 A Concern

The paramount concern towards Islamists, those fundamentalists that see the world as fully revealed by Allah and the uncreated Quran, is not their religion but there ideology coupled with modern weapons.  Think Al Qaeda.  Think Communism. 

 The religion of Islam is held high, emblazoned on the flag of a contingent of warriors seeking a stabilized Muslim world hunkered down in the past of the life of Muhammad, employing an ideology of hatred.    

 Sura 3:110 reads, “You are the best nation raised up for men: you enjoin good and forbid evil and you believe in Allah. And if the People of the Book (Christians and Jews) had believed, it would have been better for them. Some of them are believers but most of them are transgressors.(Infidels)” This verse from the Quran says, according to the footnote of the translated Holy Quran by Maulana Muhammed Ali, “not only are the Muslims the chosen people of God, who are called upon to be the standard-bearers of Truth in the world, but they are at the same time declared to be the best of the people who had ever been chosen for this purpose…. Note that the excellence of the Muslim people lies in their enjoining good and forbidding evil and in their great faith in Allah. If they lose these characteristics, they lose their excellence as well.”  This is interpreted today as a desire to return to the time of Muhammad and Medina, and at the same time obey Allah explicitly, having no doubt or questions.  Good and evil is only as defined in the Quran and sayings of Muhammad.  Man need not engage his mind except to read and obey the Quran, logic aside.  This methodology to exclude a mind engaged in thought is not rational, in my view.

 Cause and Effect

Muslims embrace modern technology and scientific developments doing so without accepting the ‘cause’ of new advances. The cause reflects knowledge, scientific discovery and considerable thought, including the philosophical, to reveal and utilize natural laws to create new products.  Such a use of the mind by the Christian, or any non-Muslim, is anathema to Islamists. The infidel by applying reason, rational thought, asking questions, raises doubts towards the theology of Allah and the Quran where ‘Revelation’ only is essential for an Islamist.  The person or group or nation that employs their mind is an enemy.  Thus the West may invent the toy, the car, or the gun the Muslim Islamist uses, yet the Islamist, the Arab consumer, continues to have enmity towards the producer.

 A prince from Saudi Arabia may rest in the rear seat of the latest Roles Royce, his gold Rolex telling time, yet never give a whit as to the evolution of the automobile or wrist watch. The auto or watch itself does not change their attitude against the philosophy of the West. All progress, including scientific progress, and from the past the reality that led to modern products, is ignored. Reality is absent. Accepting the reality of the cause of the production of the car or fine-tuned watch, is accepting the gift that God gave man in his ability to reason. Revelation trumps Reason for the Islamist, and thus reason cannot be considered. Allah makes available what is available when he wills it to be available. No questions asked!  The Rolls Royce is Allah’s revelation alone, as is the Rolex.

 No Growth, No Outside Literature

“Under development” describes the Arab Muslim tyrannical theocracies. With all of their resources, oil the most evident, no advancement or internal productivity is evident. The technology for the oilfields comes from the West. More investment goes to build mosques and madrassas, spewing hate towards the rational West, than to investment in research and development that would lead to job creation.

 Quoting Robert R Reilly, his book, The Closing of the Muslim Mind[1], “out of a combined population of around 300 million, some 65 million Arabs are illiterate, two-thirds of the women….  In the past 1000 years…the Arab community has translated only 10,000 books, or roughly what Spain translates in one year.” 

 Make note also that Aristotle’s book, Nicomachean Ethics[2] [3], would be almost impossible to find in the Arab world.  Happiness is a goal Aristotle suggests of mankind.  Virtue is a critical component to attain happiness.  Taken from a Sparknotes[4] summary, “Virtue is a disposition rather than an activity. That is, a virtuous person is naturally disposed to behave in the right ways and for the right reasons, and to feel pleasure in behaving rightly.”  The terms ‘naturally’, ‘reason’ and ‘behaving rightly’ are absent from the mind of the Islamist.  Aristotle’s writing focuses on man, his mind, his inclination to be virtuous, to do good, knowing, sensing, right and wrong. This approach is problematic for the Islamist Muslim in that Allah (as god) is not the centerpiece.  Aristotle sensed the nature of goodness in man, a spirit of understanding and discernment inherent in the nature of man provided by the Creator.   


In much of the Arab world consumption supersedes internal production. Raw materials are extracted and sold, seldom used internally to produce (create) products. “Added value” to what the Arab makes would not be an applicable term.  They buy what is available from developed countries and want nothing to do with the how or why it was made.  Most often they also employ personnel from non-Muslim areas to do their work.  It is for them from Allah, as he Wills, including the wealth to purchase or employ.  It’s a miracle. 

 Maintaining the Spoils of Victory

Left to their own devices the Arab Muslim Islamist world would decline and die. Encouraged by Sura 37:173, “our soldiers will be those who overcome“; interpreting this statement not as a charge to be productive but to be Imperialistic; any spoils of war will be consumed until all is depleted. How could the victors if Islamists ever repair, maintain, or replace the means used to achieve victory after all their destruction and marauding is complete? 

 The goal is the whole world obeying Allah and following the Islamists.  The concern becomes modern weaponry, seemingly readily available, that in the hands of the Islamists will be used to destroy anyone considered an infidel. Then what happens – do we return to the desert and dust of Medina in the seventh century.

 The Islamist intransigent position:

  •  Only a Muslim, Islamist, can lead the country in which they live.
  • Only Sharia Law is applicable, the Law as provided in  the  Quran.
  • People are not equal, men are superior to women.
  • Only Revelation is the concern.
  • Allah Wills.
  • Allah is the ultimate authority; no man can be on a parallel with Allah.
  • Everything else is “heretical.”
  • If in an area where the above does not apply, the goal becomes change to have it eventually apply to everyone.  Use Da’wah or Jihad to achieve the end; a peaceful non-violent approach or terrorist, violent tactics. (Basis of the programs of the Muslim Brotherhood)

 This is the mantra of the Islamist.

 Turkey said no to Sharia Law after World War I. The Caliphate ended. According to Robert Reilly this has become the excuse for the Islamists – to reestablish the Caliphate. It is why the Muslim Brotherhood was formed. The loss of the Caliphate is the excuse used for the decline of the civilization of Islamists.  The Islamists have failed of course to observe Turkey as a productive economy – an economy absent Sharia – absent the Caliphate, applying reason and making things happen. 

 There are cracks, unfortunately, appearing in the secular infrastructure of Turkey, worrisome cracks as the more extreme, the Islamist elements, are gaining political ground.  It is a valid concern. 

  Give the Islamists, the likes of Osama bin Laden, a weapon of mass destruction and  they will gladly use it on areas where there are concentrations of infidels.   They care little about the history of discovery that led to the development of the instruments of war, and forget about modernity, they use and thus are comfortable using such weapons against a more reasonable world. The reasonable world is not a world only for Allah. The Islamists have brainwashed their army to see only the good and the will of Allah in the destruction they cause. What they do is an effort to achieve a world population that obeys Allah without question.  They are carrying out Allah’s Will.  Wherever people live under laws made by man the Islamists feel obligated to destroy those people. Man, in their view, can only live under the laws of Allah, as outlined in the Quran, whether reasonable or not.

 American’s Politicians Lack Needed Understanding of Islam

When America’s politicians suggest the uprisings we have been seeing in many Muslim dominated areas, areas where tyranny reigns, that the dawn of a democracy may be occurring, they only demonstrate their lack of understanding of Islam.  If equality, human rights, laws made for the common man, and a reasoned consideration towards historical events and the hoped-for outcomes is not openly addressed then democracy is impossible. Any Muslim country that insists on Sharia Law, in any form, cannot embrace democracy.  Why, because Sharia Law is irrational.

 Weapons used to destroy rational people is irrational. Telling Muslims they are not to think  is irrational.   Ordering Muslims not to think or use their minds is not what God intended, yet they believe, the Islamists, that is what Allah intended.  That too is not rational.  Any Muslim that is rational would be in the sight of an Islamist an infidel, an apostate, no different from a Christian. Maybe those so inclined should choose a new religion, one not an ideology hiding behind an irrational god.  I recommend Christianity, the religion where God says use your mind, love your neighbor, learn and understand the world, work to make it a better place for everyone, and by doing so you will know me also.  You will also know my Beloved offspring that came to free all mankind from the punishment they deserve as a result of having a sinful nature.  Salvation is thus assured for the believer.  Think about it. 

 Open the Minds of Those Who Wish to Be Free that they are not Animals

We pray reason will prevail, rational minds will engage and understand the destructive nature of the Islamists and the most fundamental scholars in the Muslim world. The success of the Islamists and those who embrace their Revelation-only concept can only lead to failure.

 The Bible has man naming the animals, not God.  God created man, and the mind of man.  “Whatever man called a living creature that was its name.” (Gen. 2:19)  Man was also used to “cultivate and keep” (Gen. 2:15) the garden of the world, that is to be responsible for agriculture and the environment.  The mind of man was to be engaged in God’s Creation to make it work, to understand, to improve, and to maintain.  This was not the role for the animal or the plant, and man is neither, thus the need to think, to reason, to understand cause and effect. 

Why then would the Arab Muslim Islamist want to reduce humans to the level of an animal, a mind to only obey, to obey the master, the master as Allah, and never utilize the free gift of intellect.  It astounds me and makes me only want to pray harder that those who see even a glimpse of the light of their plight will find the way out, be guided by Logos and their inherent capabilities to comprehend the world and in so doing know God.  May the Spirit awaken inside every Muslim having even a spec of doubt to realize that they may be an infidel to the Islamist, and to the non-Muslim be on the road to Salvation.  May the light of Christ shine on the hearts of those open, receptive and willing to embrace their righteousness as only God provides.

 Grace and Peace

[1] ISI Books,Wilmington,Del, 2010, pg. 164

[2] Get a copy via download – classics.mit.edu/Aristotle/nicomachaen.html

[4] Ibid – (Sparknotes)

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