Understanding Islam – Part 60 – Targeting Muslims

Targeting Muslims As Potential Terrorists

This is a topic worthy of a frank discussion.  As you read my blogs you will sense a moderation of my feelings towards Islam.  It represents an awareness of those among the Muslim population that focus on their faith in God, in Allah, and have managed to modernize by seeing today’s world as one that has grown, developed, and clearly evolved since the 7th century.  Over this period due to much improved communications the nations of the world, the various people of the world, seem much closer.  In addition it is possible to better understand each other and in so doing be tolerant of most others.  There are exceptions, but the major religions of the world promote love and acceptance of others, to their core, even so for Islam with the caveat that the Islamists, the radical fundamentalists, have refused to see this new world and dwell in pictures, stories, impressions and interpretations of a past that has stood still. 

 Unfortunately the number of radical fundamentalists is quite large.  Huge by all standards.  If only 15% are fundamentalists, mostly men, then we are dealing with over 210,000,000 radical people.  I say mostly men as I feel the woman, assume they are 50% of the total Muslim world, are more reserved, more in tune with their feelings, relationships, and as the more active, more involved parent, more loving and accepting of the mistakes and doubts of others.  I have had converted Muslims (to Christianity) claim there are few moderate Muslims (some say maybe 5%), that most are fundamental.  In addition 99% doubt Islam; they are so indoctrinated and constrained by the dictates of their Country and their religion they are afraid to speak out, ask questions or express concerns about their adopted faith.  Oh to be free.  Apply numbers to 95% as fundamental we are facing over 1.3 billion fundamental Muslims, the Quran as their book, Muhammad as their example. 

 Muslims dominate the news when it comes to terrorism or religious intolerance.  They object readily to any concerns voiced towards their faith, their prophet Muhammad, their dress, or their way of life.  In new cultures they tend to isolate themselves and by insulating themselves from the community that was there, which they gradually displace, they are questioned and often asked why they act as they do.  When this occurs the term ‘persecution’ arises and references to the Quran are immediately brought to the fore and the terms ‘death to the infidels’ is heard, along with Allahu Akbar.  Permission is granted to kill, to commit violent acts, and to fight non-Muslims in the name of God, “and fight them until there is no persecution, and religion is only for Allah.” (Sura 2:193).  Add to that the latter verse (9:29), “Fight those who believe not in Allah…until…they are in a state of subjection.”  ‘Subjection’ means to bring under control of another by ‘force.’

 We have reports of the killing of Jews, Christians and Buddhists in Muslim Countries, the Buddhists in Thailand mostly, and those committing the crimes, the violent acts, killing, are seldom punished, even arrested, for their heinous acts. Even Muslim men raping woman go unpunished, as the criminal by Sharia is the woman.  How barbaric and unjust!

 Often we are reminded, as I have been via email and comments to this website, that the Quran and Islam makes note, from the Quran (2:256), “There is no compulsion in religion.”  This suggests tolerance towards all other religions.  There is much doubt as to the veracity of this claim.   But what follows in the same Sura is “the right way is indeed clearly distinct from error.”  Some may interpret this along the lines of the expression, “It is my way or the highway.”  Later verses of the Quran are said to supersede earlier verses, and thus tolerance towards other religions, even the idea of plurality in one society, become a moot point as the tone becomes less accepting of those that are not Muslim.   

 Most recently a cartoonist associated with the idea to ‘Draw Muhammad Day’ has gone into hiding, protected by the FBI, concerned for her life at the hands of any one of the 210,000,000 or more militant Islamists that can respond at will to the fatwa to eliminate her due to her role in encouraging a Facebook page requesting responders provide their image of Muhammad on May 20. She is quite innocent of the Facebook inducement, yet she is the one targeted for death to any Muslim that wishes to respond and take the action they call for.   Muslims, as if invited by a billboard-posting to attack the Danish press and the cartoonist who drew an image of Muhammad’s head on the body of a dog in 2006, continue to attempt terrorist, violent, acts against the newspaper and the cartoonist.   When does it end – the hate, this display of intolerance and insecurity.  God would not want any of his true servants to respond in such a manner.  God is not want to condemn the world, and that goes for those that are non-believers as well.  For those committing acts of hatred the love of God, the love of Allah, is just not in their heart.  Someone needs to remind them of that.    

 Some claim the call to eliminate Jews goes back to Muhammad himself, a fatwa that remains in effect to this day.  This is hatred.  We hear it from leaders such as Ahmadinejad of Iran wanting America’s leaders dead, making insane statements to the effect the Holocaust did not happen, and that the 911 World Trade Tower destruction (as well as the Pentagon and the failed attempt at the White House) by Muslims was a conspiracy on the part of American political leaders.  Constant threats from Al Qaeda calling for death to American soldiers and civilians, as well as destructive acts against the West, to include those tragic events that have already taken place in Spain and the United Kingdom raise concerns towards all Muslims.  How can you tell the good from the evil?

 On ABC Anjem Choudary, a former British solicitor and Muslim cleric, was interviewed (Oct 3, 2010) by Christiane Amanpour when he made the claim, ““We do believe as Muslims the East and the West will be governed by the Sharia.  Indeed we believe that one day the flag of Islam will fly over the White House. Indeed, there’s even an oration of the Prophet where he said, ‘The day of judgment will not come until a group of my umma conquer the White House.’” (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_pFEY255FfY&feature=related)  Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, of the WTC Mosque controversy, has expressed a desire and need for Sharia law in America.  We have had shoe and underwear bombers, attacks of military personnel on bases in the U.S. and a recent attempt to detonate a bomb in Times Square.  [Faisal Shahzad was sentenced to life in prison for the botched Times Square car bombing, as the Pakistani-American warned in court: “The defeat of the U.S. is imminent.”] All the commitments to destroy were made by Muslims, foreign and, unfortunately, home-grow-in-the-USA as well.


The predominant terrorist activity worldwide of fundamentalist Muslims, radicals, suggests to me a reason and justification to ‘profile.’  That is a word liberals hate, but are they being hypocritical?  They too must be nervous when in the minority, surrounded by Muslims, or when they attempt to enter a Muslim neighborhood.   They too must notice persons in Muslim dress, covered, hidden from view, possibly concealing something, most likely nothing at all, but suspicious.  The steps towards prevention needed are simple – be cautious, be observant, be most suspicious of those most likely, or of the nature of those who have committed crimes in the past.  Be on guard.  I am.  Are you? 

This may not be what a Muslim would want.  There are many non-Muslims that would be so profiled, to include Jews and Christians from the middle-East or Muslim areas of the world.  But as innocent people in the midst of those whose desire is to die for Allah, they would, I would venture the supposition, accept being so profiled and cleared. 

French Police recently told Fox News (Oct 2101) they have nabbed 12 Muslims in overnight raids across the southern part country. Three were linked to a ring getting jihadis back from Afghan. Others were tied to Islamist groups and gun-running.

The US worries about terror coming from Pakistan aiming at Europe.

France has its own concerns about another Al Qaeda threat from North Africa which has had officials there on edge.  For his part, French Interior Minister Brice Hortefeux told the National Assembly, “The threat is real and vigilance is total.”

Pakistani officials now tell Fox News five German nationals presumably training with Al Qaeda were killed in the strike along with three facilitators.  An eerie sign of a possible link is a video made by German jihadis in late 2008.  Along with the typical training sequences, it also shows an individual warning the German government to pull its troops out of Afghanistan or landmarks like Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate, train stations, etc would be hit.  The Muslim population in Berlin is sizable and someone in that population could well respond to a call for destructive action in the name of Allah.

In early 2009 it was reported a dozen Germans left the Hamburg area to train with terrorists in Afghanistan.   Included in the group, Ahmed Sidiqi, the man captured by the US whose confession reportedly led to concerns about the recent Europe plot.

 From the website:  The Religion of Peace (http://thereligionofpeace.com/):

 Oct 3 – Pakistan – Three civilians are abducted and executed by Taliban militants.

Oct 3 – Algeria – Five security personnel in a shooting and bombing ambush by armed fundamentalists.

Oct 1 – Pakistan – A Christian couple and their five children (ages 6-17) are brutally shot to death in their home by Muslim extremists.

Sept 29 – Yemen – Three Yemenis are riddled with bullets by al-Qaeda cadres.

Sept 28 – Thailand – Children are among the victims when Islamic radicals brutally gun down five people buying fruit at a warehouse.

Sept 27 – India – A Hindu woman is murdered by Bangladeshi radicals (Muslims).

Sept 24 – Chechnya – Three soldiers are slain in a Jihadi ambush.

Sept 24 – Dagestan – A high school principal is murdered in her home by Muslim radicals.

Sept 23 – Thailand – Two Buddhists are shot to death by militant Muslims as they are delivering noodles to a store.

Sept 19 – New Delhi – Two Taiwanese tourists riding a bus are shot by Mujahideen.

Sept 18 – Iran – Jundallah (Soldiers of God) kidnap a civilian and kill him during a rescue attempt.

Sept 18 – Kenya – Six Christian missionaries are abducted, raped and tortured for three days by Muslims proclaiming the truth of Islam.

Sept 18 – Afghanistan – A voter and a woman are shot by Sunni terrorists at a polling station.

Sept 15 – Afghanistan – Two election workers are gunned down in cold blood by religious radicals.

Sept 14 – Pakistan – Islamists shoot a journalist to death outside a press club.

Sept 14  – Iraq – A woman of ‘ill-repute’ is hanged in her own home by suspected fundamentalists.

Sept 14 – Ingushetia – An imam who spoke out against Islamic terrorism is quickly neutralized by a car bomb.

Sept 13 – Ethiopia – A group of Islamists stab a Christian who had left Islam.

Sept 12 – Indonesia – Holy Warriors beat a pastor with a board and stab a worshipper in the stomach as there are on their way to church.

Sept 9 – Iraq – Two people are reportedly killed when gunmen open fire on an Anglican church in an incident tied to a threatened Quran burning.

Sept 9 – Thailand – Muslim separatists shoot a 52-year-old Buddhist in the head then kick his body under a bridge.

Sept 7 – Russia – Suspected Islamists assassinate a judge

Sept 7 – Thailand – Two middle-aged Buddhist teachers, husband and wife, are murdered by Islamic radicals.

Sept 6 – Afghanistan – A 45-year-old news anchor is the target of a ‘brutal beheading’ near his home.

Sept 6 – Iraq – Five construction workers building a youth center are stabbed and shot to death in a barbaric Mujahideen attack.

Sept 3 – Azerbaijan – One dead as a ‘religious dispute’ between mosque members results in gunfire.

Sept 1 – Israel – A rabbi and his wife are shot by Palestinian terrorists while riding in their car.

August 31 – Israel – A pregnant woman is among four young Jews gunned down in cold blood by Hamas terrorists.

August 29 – Philippines – ‘Irate Muslims’ throw a grenade into a Catholic church during mass.

Aug. 27 – Pakistan – A 35-year-old mother of three is killed by her brother on suspicion of unauthorized sex.

Aug 26 – Philippines – Maranao Muslims pull four people off a bus and shoot them to death.

Aug 25 – Pakistan – Three Christian aid workers helping flood victims are kidnapped and murdered by Islamic fundamentalists.

Aug 21 – Ethiopia – A popular church leader is brutally assaulted by Muslims with wooden clubs.

Aug 14 – Egypt – Eleven Christians are injured in assaults by Muslims stirred to anger by a local cleric.

Aug 8 – Indonesia – A mob of hundreds of Muslims chase and beat Christian worshippers after disrupting their service.

July 25 – Mali – al-Qaeda beheads a 78-year-old French hostage.

July 23 – Jordan – A man machine-guns his 16-year-old niece after she loses her virginity from a sexual assault.

July 22 – Pakistan – Two Christian girls are gang-raped by Muslims.

 The website noted (as of Oct. 6, 2010) there have been 16,161 deadly terror attacks since 911.  According to the website – The Religion of Peace – in America there has been one violent act by an American against a Muslim since 911.  The perpetrator has been sentenced to death – one seemingly unambiguous case that occurred in Dallas, Texas where Waqar Hasan, a Muslim convenience store owner, was gunned down by Mark Anthony Stroman four days after the 9/11 attacks.  Stroman claimed to have been motivated by anger from watching the towers fall.  He is not exactly your average American, however, even apart from the shooting.  For one thing, he is a white supremacist who carried a felony criminal record at the time of the attack.  He also went on to shoot two more people in the weeks that followed. 

Thankfully, an American jury sentenced Mark Stroman to death.  The same cannot be said of many Muslim terrorists such as Lockerbie bomber, Abdelbaset Al Megrahi, who not only have sanctuary in Muslim countries, but are often treated as heroes by devout followers of Muhammad.

Nevertheless, we acknowledge that there was at least one Muslim killed in an anti-Arab hate crime in the U.S. following the anti-American hate crime on 9/11.  For anyone keeping score: 

People killed by radical Muslims on 9/11: 2,996
Muslim-Americans killed “in revenge”: 1

Of course, 9/11 was neither the first nor the last time that Muslims have killed Americans on U.S. soil in terror attacks.  In fact, since that day, Muslims have killed at least 58 people in 33 separate acts of terrorism in the United States (by the standards that Muslim-American groups set for hate crimes).  Perhaps more importantly, there have been quite a few planned mass murders of Americans by Islamic terrorists that were thwarted by the FBI, law enforcement and overseas intelligence operations both before and after 9/11.

By contrast, Muslim-Americans do not appear to be in any special danger from murderous (non-Muslim) religious fanatics, even in a nation awash in firearms.  Identity groups, such as CAIR, whine incessantly about relatively trivial incidents while turning a blind eye to the horrible violence that is meted out daily in the name of their religion.  This distasteful petulance offers insight not only into the character of Islam, but also the impressive religious tolerance that Americans manage to maintain.”

The acts of terrorism are mainly by Muslims.  That being a fact then why shouldn’t airport screeners, immigration, and other security forces lean more heavily on Muslims, those that look like Arabs, only because this is the type that has caused so much harm.  Not only to Americans but people in the U.K., France and many other Countries.  In Thailand Buddhists are being attacked.  Even in Muslim countries opposing sects are often attacked, killed outside mosques and on the streets.  Muslims are a suspicious people, they are opinionated, they are often ‘right’ in their own mind and will commit violent acts to win their arguments.  This is a bit un-civilized.  It is not the majority (my estimate) but the majority of terrorist acts are under the banner of Allah or with Quran’s held high by the Holy Warriors or whatever.   Hate laws need apply.

So in conclusion I support ‘Profiling.’ 

Grace and Peace

7 thoughts on “Understanding Islam – Part 60 – Targeting Muslims

  1. Thank you for your comments.

    I enjoy Fox News, but that is not the source of my study. Many books have been referenced in the Blogs, not the least of which is the Quran itself. I have read that several times. News articles (the Media) have been a stimilant or catalyst, as it were, to my reactions. YouTube debates, discussions and documented events have also been informative. The fundamentals of Islam, the revelations during the Mecca period and post, and the abrogation of the more tolerant verses of the Quran have raised many concerns. Understanding Sharia Law has posed a problem, the separation of mosque and state, if not possible, then how can there be peace among a variety of peoples and religions when all is not for Allah. Can a pluralistic society exist, to include Muslims, when in the areas of majority populations of Muslim other religions, as do exist (as you noted) cannot proselytize, even build new worship centers. Where is the balance, the objectivity, the open-mindedness in Islam? If those Muslims that speak out wanting a broader acceptance of all faiths are subject to being jailed or killed, what is the use? How can it change – is that possible or not?

    I have done more to educate myself of Islam than most non-Muslims and the opinions expressed are not wild reactions, but attempts at being informed, and raising questions, doubts, that need to be addressed by those as yourself. My errors should not questioned as errors, but as corrections, lucid commentary that nullifies all that is opposed to Islam.
    It is not the Muslim, the person, or the individual, it is the way-of-life embracing an Ideology that needs a better explanation as to why it is good, or what makes it good, than what is available that is needed.

    You can be most helpful. I welcome your commentary.


  2. Most of the time Muslims leaders who speak out against those SO CALLED Muslims governments are either jail or killed …unfortunately they do not benefit from the media frenzy and coverage like let say Rushdie…and you mentioned Iran (actually the population is quite active no matter what you think of them and they do fight for more justice) …In many countries such as Jordan, Syria, Lebanon Jews and Christians live among Muslims in relative peace without any jizah like you said…I say relative peace cause I know too well the political situations and the conflicts in the Middle east…. Having said that I can also mention Morocco with a huge Jewish minority that live side by side in peace with the Muslims! Tunisia, Malaysia etc…
    Again I am well aware of all the issues our community faces but you just have a limited and linear understanding of the “Muslim world” (to use another term that I don’t really like)… and you don’t seem to appreciate the complexity of it. You said;
    “The call must come from within the Muslim world, from Al Qaeda, the Muslim Brotherhopod, Hezbollah, Hamas, and on and on for peace, tolerance, acceptance and objectivity. Is that possible?
    Come on…as if those groups represented the whole Muslim world!? Al Qaeda is particularly despised by the great majority of Muslims in the world if it is not all the Muslims…do not forget that it is the Iraqis who fought them in Iraq and defeated them!! The troops there could not have done it without them…
    Stop getting your info. from Fox News!


  3. Yes, more voices from the Muslim community are needed. Voices from the Muslim world are needed. The moderates, are they as subject to being labelled an Infidel as a non-Muslim? How outspoken can they be without fear of retribution? Who, what Muslim leader, speaker, can enter countries like Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and others and call for pluralization, allowing other faiths to proseytyze, and opening doors to new churches or synagogues. The West has become a haven for moderate Muslims, which I welcome, but the need is to reach into the foundations of Islam and establish a free society where men and women can mingle freely, where Jew, Christian and Muslim can mingle and work side by side (even be employed by Muslims), where Muslim dominated governments will protect non-Muslims and moderates, without the jizah tax, as people deserving equal rights. The call must come from within the Muslim world, from Al Qaeda, the Muslim Brotherhopod, Hezbollah, Hamas, and on and on for peace, tolerance, acceptance and objectivity. Is that possible?


  4. It is time for a REAL islamic Leader came out and say, “ after due consideration, the islamic community will not seek to build a mosque on scared ground zero where so many innocent people lost their lives at the hands of a foolish terrorist perverting the name of islam.” We as muslims should let the Americans heal their wounds.

    That is what Tariq Ramadan (a great Muslim intellectual who is very influential with Muslims in Europe) has been saying for a WHILE!!!

    Do your homework before generalizing everything …


  5. Of course our Muslims community have a lot of issues and in particular because of terrorism and uneducated and emotional people who believe what leaders with an agenda say about killing innocent people..
    I read the article and the response given by Ashraf and I am frankly tired of reading hypocritical comments by supposedly moderate christian who can’t help it but belittle Islam and Muslims
    1- Yes the majority of religious Muslim leaders in the west and abroad have condemned terrorism but no one seem to give a damn about it and media do not even report it….
    2- you said only one Muslim American has been killed in revenge for 9-11 …what about the millions Muslims who are killed by US army and its allies in Iraq and Afghanistan without mentioning other countries which torture and kill Muslims with the support of the west (Algeria, Pakistan, …)
    I have yet to hear an Iraqi calling all Christians evil and Jesus Christ the reason for westerners to invade a country, rape it , murder it, and steal its resources!! For centuries Christians have colonized, exploited and abuse people all over the world leading to what the Third World is today… arrogant and evil colonialism!

    What brings people to turn to terrorism is un-justice and despair!!! not Islam !

    Most of the time it is Muslims who suffer from terrorism whether from terrorists calling themselves Muslims or from Christians through invasion and war…
    With article like that you are just adding in the dehumanization of Muslims … in Iraq the Allies do not even bother counting the “casualties of war”…
    According to what study-research you come up with a 210-000-000 numbers of potential terrorists or it is just your imagination!?? Talk about being rational …
    Yes Grace and Peace is what you need but do not have yet! some honesty to yourself would help…

    a honest debate would have been welcomed but slandering the whole Muslims as potential terrorists is irrational to say the least.


  6. Yours is a welcomed voice. Can the Muslim community be rational? What percentage would you apply to those as you in Muslim controlled and dominated countries? Outside – Muslims living in the West? Is there any possibility for a New Quran? What will it take? I would most enjoy feedback from any of the 15 points you raise. How would you define a ‘moderate’ Muslim? What must a moderate Muslim do to not be labelled an apostate?


  7. Brothers and sisters in Islam,

    The Islamic communities in the west are suffering as a direct result of the radical elements within Islam that have hijacked our religion and turned it into a faith of terror; these radical elements make us look like barbaric uneducated uncivilised people.
    With the advent of technology, mediums like the internet, media, press have exposed and brought to light the radical elements within Islam.
    As a result the image we send out is one of negativity where Islam is unable to control radical Muslims perverting the Holy Koran.
    They continue to portray Muslims as evil, inconsiderate monsters.
    Our non muslim friends in the west have every right to be critical.
    It is time for the islamic community to be honest, to reclaim and take ownership of our faith.
    Why are we allowing radicals to destroy our image before the whole world?
    Where are our honest leaders?
    Where is the peace of islam we profess?

    To be honest with each other, the fact is since 9/11 the west has become terrified of Islam, and they have every right.
    Majority of Muslims are NOT terrorists and we are good people wanting to live in peace. So why are the only modern day terrorists threatening the world radical Muslims?
    Why are we still silent, while they totally shame our faith?
    We can not blame the west, America, or any one else.
    The problem is within and totally blame these radicals that have hijacked Islam and destroyed any notion Islam is a peaceful religion.
    It disgusts me that our Islamic leaders can not or will not recognize this problem and deal with it.

    On behalf of a group of muslims living in the west we have some basic questions to ask our Islamic leaders, so they may understand our concerns and why there is so much hatred and annex towards islam.
    1. Why is the Islamic community allowing terrorists to hijack their religion to justify their hideous evil attacks on western countries?
    2. What are the true “moderate muslims” doing to prevent this abuse of our religion by their radical brothers and sisters in Islam?
    3. When the muslim community do nothing except complain about the reaction of the west to the radical elements in Islam, what do we expect them to do?
    4. We are doing nothing about them?
    5. Isn’t it the responsibility of every moderate Muslim to claim ownership of Islam, and openly denounce any Muslim using the Koran to justify their evil acts?
    6. Do you agree that when the civilized Islamic community takes control of Islam, people might view us in a different light and we might regain our dignity?
    7. Do the Islamic nations agree it should NOT be up to the western nations to clean up the mess left behind by radical Islamists?
    8. Us Muslims living in the west totally accept that as a direct result of the inaction of the Islamic community, the west have no option but to protect them selves?
    9. Why has Islamic communities failed to protect our religion?
    10. Do the true Muslims feel ashamed and embarrassed by the 100,000’s of YouTube videos and internet sites where our religious leaders are promoting absolute vile barbaric and evil doctrines in the name of Islam?
    11. What are our Islamic leaders doing to protect the name of Islam from these radicals?
    12. Why do the Islamic leaders fail to acknowledge these people are the ones totally damaging the name of Islam and turning the west against islam?
    13. What is the Muslim community doing about them or going to do about them and when?
    14. When is Islam going to accept responsibility for the evil actions of radical Muslims acting in the name of ALLAH?
    15. What does the Koran tell us Muslims about dealing with any Muslim perverting the word of the koran?

    You must be aware the world is now a very small place, due to technology the west “hear and see everything that happens in the muslim world via internet, TV, media, etc”.
    Radical Islamists must realize their barbaric extreme actions are viewed with complete revulsion and disgust by muslims and non muslims.
    Now we have some foolish young muslims in the west wanting to follow in the footsteps of these evil people. HOPE YOU ARE PROUD

    More so, we ask what Islamic scholars are going to do about the suras in the Koran that incite violence, call for the killing of Jews and Christians.
    And prohibiting people from leaving islam?
    And condoning lying to infidels?
    Why does Islam feel the need to come out and attack our Jewish brothers and sisters and call for the elimination of Jews and Israel?
    This is only adding fuel to the fire, and it does make us look like an evil race of people following evil hatred.
    Why does the leader of Iran come out and threaten Israel and the Jews in the most disgraceful inciteful and hateful way?
    Can the islamic community see, it is there Muslim brothers that are damaging the reputation and the name of islam?
    Where is the voice of the civilised Muslim, the educated muslim, and the peaceful muslim?
    All the messages we receive in the west are hatred, evil, violence, terror; of course they are going to hate us, let us as a community be honest with ourselves?
    If the West does something we dislike, we must learn to react in a civilised, diplomatic manner, and not have mad men come out declaring war in the name of Islam?
    Who is in control of our faith, Our Leaders, Clerics, or the terrorists?
    Why doesn’t have ONE clear voice to speak out on our behalf?
    We need a voice of an educated Muslim, a voice of integrity, reason, tolerance a role model for islam.
    Why have we allowed barbaric terrorists to destroy our image, our reputation, our standing, our self esteem?
    The Islamic communities in Islamic nations must understand that 95% of westerners are highly educated, well read and liberal minded. They are not fools or stupid that will be swayed by threats of violence, terrorism, deception or lies.
    How do we explain to them all the hatred and evil on the net, look at the number of hate videos on you tube, it is hypocrisy when we state islam is peace?
    We need to clean up and stop self destructing, start been part of the solution and stop blaming others, you are all foolish for allowing this to happen in the first place.

    It is NOW, yes NOW, time for islam to stop pointing the finger and to re-claim ownership of islam, control the muslims dissidents and clean out our own house, our image, our approach, our mindset.

    The fact is, if our Islamic leaders and community take direct and firm action against any radicals within the ranks of islam, there would be no need for external intervention, and we would be viewed as truly a peaceful religion, not an unruly religion where everyone is free to do what they want in the name of Islam.

    It is time that Islam rescues its own reputation and uproots the core of the cause destroying the name of Islam. The Islamic leaders are fully aware of the problem, just as we are in the west. Our Islamic Leaders must immediately demonstrate to the world they are in control of the destiny of Islam, and it is not in the hands of a minority radical element.

    They must condemn and excommunicate the entire “Islamic brotherhood” in Egypt.
    Everyone in the west is fully aware they are the chief promoters of Jihad, Shariah and terrorism all over the world, it is no secret.
    Islam must stop thinking they can continue to wash their hands of the root causes and blame every one else. No one is stupid.
    Islam must show we can live in peace, tolerance, equality and love.
    I blame the Islamic clerics that brainwash them and put hatred and evil in the hearts and incite them to commit evil acts, AT the SAME TIME these clerics live in safety and will not expose themselves to harm, prosecution, or courts, this is wrong and madness.
    Again we remind you all the problem is within islam not the west,
    Finally the request for a mosque at ground zero, shows a complete lack of empathy, sympathy, consideration, remorse, or respect. Do not add insult to injury.
    This absurd proposal has increased the worldwide hatred and condemnation of islam. We do not need a mosque there, and there is no reason as to why it has to be there.
    It is time for a REAL islamic Leader came out and say, “ after due consideration, the islamic community will not seek to build a mosque on scared ground zero where so many innocent people lost their lives at the hands of a foolish terrorist perverting the name of islam.” We as muslims should let the Americans heal their wounds.
    It is time to treat each other equally, with respect, dignity, decency and consideration.
    I can only hope and pray.
    Ashraef Ahmed


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